Take the plunge into the brave new world of intangibles

Whether it’s an algorithm or even an idea, every company has intellectual property. Let’s navigate the waters of international rules on intangibles with ‘Mastering the IP Life Cycle from a Legal, Tax and Accounting Perspective’.

Tax systems have failed to adapt to technological change. The rising importance of intellectual property means that it is almost impossible to pin down where a multinational really makes money.

The Economist, 11 August 2018

This quote couldn’t have come at a better time, as we’re on the verge of launching the third edition of ‘Mastering the IP Life Cycle from a Legal, Tax and Accounting Perspective’ this autumn. Since the last edition of the book in 2009, business models and technology have evolved drastically.

Accounting standards and tax rules are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. The 2018 edition dives into the brave new world of intangibles and provides guidance on the requirements and challenges that multinational groups may face when addressing intangibles within their organisations.

In this collaboration between PwC and the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD), the authors have tapped into the experience and expertise of the PwC Network Member Firms in no less than 48 countries.

Take the plunge, now

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The ultimate reference book of IP rights strategy & management

‘Mastering the IP Life Cycle from a Legal, Tax and Accounting Perspective’ is an invaluable tool for finance, tax and transfer pricing (TP) professionals seeking an understanding of IP rights from a multi-competency angle. This book provides a reference for managing intangibles across the entire value chain.

It delves into the evolution of intellectual property (IP), from strategy to development through the application of rights and the stages of the IP life cycle and particularly how digital transformation serves as a game changer or at least as a catalyst. Milestone TP court cases are also presented.

The book includes a comprehensive collection of guidelines and regulations for the tax, legal and accounting management of IP rights across countries, allowing easy comparison.

The collaborative result of PwC teams in 48 countries

Almost 200 colleagues from PwC’s global Transfer Pricing, Tax Reporting Strategy, Indirect Tax and PwC Legal teams worked across 48 countries to make this book possible.

The input the IBFD brought to the table served to further deepen this remarkable pool of contributors, who were all driven by a common goal: to help tax professionals and other stakeholders pick their way through the minefield of international rules on intangibles.

We can help navigate the current tax rules crisis

The world of international taxation rules is in turmoil: the rules are outdated (according to The Economist in its special coverage in August), the EU is holding ongoing discussions on fair taxation and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) claims that international taxation rules are in crisis. In this climate of uncertainty, our PwC tax specialists can help your organisation navigate the complexities of intangibles management.

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