A drone’s eye view

Overview of the Belgian UAV ecosystem and the development of commercial drone applications in Belgium

PwC and Agoria’s 2018 report polled over 50 Belgian stakeholders across eight industries to gain insight into the potential for the commercial use of drones.

At an estimated value of 408.9 million euros annually, the sky’s the limit for commercial drone use in Belgium.

While drones are largely used by hobbyists to capture impressive aerial photography and videography, their potential for commercial applications is undeniable. This is especially true when combined with other emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

The report’s use cases reveal a wealth of industry applications that can streamline processes, increase safety and reduce costs.


About the report

A Drone’s Eye View focuses on the commercial applications of drones. We interviewed over 50 users and stakeholders and presented a case study per sector.

ENGIE Fabricom, pcfruit, Spicymotion, Hoogmartens, Infrabel, KBC Group, Limburg police, Orange and VIL weighed in to help illustrate the significant yet largely untapped potential for commercial drone use in Belgian industry.

We begin with an introduction to drones, followed by an overview of stakeholders, the potential economic value of drones and how drones can deliver value across the various industries. For each sector, we include an estimate of market potential.

We also take a closer look at legislation and conclude with the challenges and enablers of this promising ecosystem.

Putting drones to work

Examples of drones’ potential across sectors


Safer, faster and less costly inspection of power plants, solar panels and windmills



Cost effective aerial photography and videography



Safe and accurate cell tower inspections



Faster and more efficient surveillance



Streamlined inventory management



Harvest optimisation



Increased on-the-job safety



Emergency parcel delivery




The report reveals that Belgian companies are very interested in the commercial possibilities drones have to offer. However, there are a number of obstacles preventing them from integrating drones into their day-to-day operations.

Current Belgian legislation is a barrier to the implementation of drones in Belgian industry, but a more flexible European legislation is on the way.

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