International Tax Developments and their business impact: The EU Perspective

International Tax Webinar Trilogue

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  • September 19, 2023

With the release of the latest OECD Pillar 1 and 2 documents in July and the ongoing tax developments at EU level (BEFIT, public CbCR, ATAD 3 and the EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation to name a few) the international tax landscape is rapidly changing. In addition, the UN is preparing for a more active role in the international tax debate. Understanding the impact of these developments on your business is becoming increasingly challenging. During this webinar trilogue we will provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of play of these developments, and more importantly, discuss how you can prepare for them!

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Session 1: Pillar 1 update and practical implications 

In this session we will go through an update on the status of the OECD work on Pillar 1 (amount A & B) with an emphasis on the proposed changes to the remuneration of sales and distribution activities (amount B) which may be applicable as soon as January 2024. The content we will cover will include (i) an update on where we are in the process for amounts A & B and timelines, (ii) practical implications of amount B on different business models and (iii) how companies can start preparing.

Watch the recording - 19 September 2023

Speakers: Jean-Philippe Van West, Gilles Franssens, Jens KiekensStefaan De Baets

Session 2: The current state of play of Pillar 2 - Are you ready?

During this session we will provide the latest insights on the ongoing implementation of Pillar 2 and what your priorities should be for the remainder of the financial year. We will go through the practical consequences of the package of documents released by the OECD on July 17, including the Globe Information Return, the model subject to tax rule and the additional administrative guidance. In addition, we will discuss the implementation of Pillar 2 in the EU and how to prepare.

Watch the recording - 20 September 2023

Speakers: Jean-Philippe Van West, Pieter Deré, Evi Geerts and Joni Ghekiere

Session 3: Other EU developments - What should be on your radar besides Pillar 1 and 2?

We know OECDs Pillars are top of mind for many, but the international tax developments do not stop there. During this webinar we will provide an overview of the state of play of the most important international developments, like the status of BEFIT, public CbCR, ATAD 3 and the position of the UN in designing the international tax landscape.  We will discuss their status, potential impact, how you can prepare your business, and the best practices.

Watch the recording - 21 September 2023

Speakers: Jean-Philippe Van West, Pieter Deré, Evi Geerts and Carla Buyens

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