HR technology: Improving the employee experience

Want to find out how HR technology can support and increase the efficiency of your HR processes?

During our HR Technology event at the PwC Experience Centre on 18 June 2019 we demonstrated how HR technology in your business can improve the employee experience.

Find here below the presentations that were used during the event.

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Break out sessions


PwC and Aon have joined forces to create a flexible reward package tool that can set you apart from your competitors.

Studies show that employees are seeking benefits packages tailored to their individual needs, and flexible rewards are finally hitting the mainstream in Belgium. Technological advances play an important role, resulting in digital platforms that enable Compensation & Benefits departments to enter a new area.

Aon’s market-leading technology experience is unlike anything offered on the Belgian market and provides an improved employee experience. As an employee engagement tool, Aon’s technology offers an intuitive user journey designed to empower employees so they can interact with and manage their entire reward programme. The SmartReward portal’s a hub for all benefits- and rewards-related information. It’s also a multilingual, multi-currency global platform built to deliver locally relevant content on a global scale. During this workshop, the first of its kind, we’ll demonstrate the Aon app and the use of widgets to focus on the specific information relevant to each individual user. The live demo will be followed by an update by PwC on Belgian market trends in the field of flexible reward.

Find out more about the SmartReward tool and recent flexible reward practices during this session.

Speakers: Bart Van den Bussche and Matthias Loose (AON)



How can robotic process automation (RPA) support HR processes?

Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, Blockchain…there’s no lack of exciting new technology trends. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, it can be challenging for those who don’t work in the software industry to really understand the benefits of these technologies. This session will clarify what RPA (robotic process automation) actually means and what it can do for HR.

Speakers: Jean Nahimana and Wim Lenaerts

PwC Chatbot

Tenzing, the PwC Belgium recruitment chatbot

To help PwC Belgium attract new hires, especially students, we launched a highly successful recruitment campaign last year that focused on how we can help guide young professionals to a top job. The concept is also applied to the way we serve clients, from Strategy through Execution, supporting them throughout the transformation of their business. The chatbot’s available on Facebook Messenger and can answer student questions about joining PwC, assist them in creating their CV, prepare them for a job interview, inform them of nearby events and ultimately guide them to submitting their CV via Taleo.

During this session, you can experience Tenzing for yourself and find out how a chatbot can improve your HR processes.

Speaker: Jens Devloo


Meet the mobile app that creates a valid digital tax report for international workers.

PwC created the myTaxLocator app that can be used for a wide variety of location-based needs, like providing travel percentages for expats under the expatriate special tax regime, salary splits, business travel administration and more. The mobile app is intuitive and easy to use. It reduces the administrative burden and it’s accepted by the Belgian tax authorities, it’s data-privacy compliant and has certified location registration.

Find out more about this app and its benefits during this session. We’ll also introduce you to other relevant technologies.

Speaker: Philip Maertens

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