Fee forms 281.50

Annually before the end of June, all individual fee forms 281.50 in relation to commissions, fees, ... paid or attributed during the previous calendar year have to be filed with the tax authorities. Those who fail to comply with the rules in time risk to be subjected to a separate assessment of 103% or 51,5%.

PwC Tax Consultants can provide you with guidance on the rules and the relevant conditions (i.e. clear advice on cases where fee forms 281.50 have to be filed, exceptions, special rules applicable to a certain sector, …). Our specialist technology infrastructure, knowledge and experience enable us to take on such tasks effectively and efficiently.

Find out how PwC can assist you in dealing with your individual fee forms 281.50:

  • Advice on the general rules (i.e. whether forms have to be prepared), exemptions and penalties for the sector in which the company does business;
  • Screening existing marketing policy:

    • clarification of the related fiscal risks;
    • optimisation for both marketing and tax (corporate tax and VAT) departments via marketing workshops;
  • Advice on the information to be included in the forms:

    • what payments/attributions are to be included;
    • what beneficiaries should be mentioned;
    • what amounts are to be included;
  • Assistance in preparing or reviewing the fee forms and any corrective/additional fee forms;
  • Assistance with filing the fee forms (by the company itself or by us as service provider).

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