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For Internationally active employees

myTaxLocator can be used for any location-based need, such as to prove the travel percentage for expats under the special tax regime, salary splits and business travel, to name a few.

User friendly

Enabling automatic registration of time spent and location abroad, myTaxLocator requires very limited user interaction. When input is required, such as identification, the mobile app is very easy and intuitive to use.

Reduced administrative burden

Collating and processing paper evidence takes an enormous amount of time and can jeopardise privacy. myTaxLocator eliminates the need for paper evidence as well as eliminates for the tax authorities audit requirement on time spent abroad.

Accepted by the Belgian Authorities

myTaxLocator produces a digitally signed report that’s fully accepted by tax authorities as a proof of time spent abroad, which can be used as an enclosure to income tax returns. 

Secure and data privacy compliant

Security and privacy are embedded into the mobile app by design. myTaxLocator uses biometrics to verify the users ID and GPS and GMS triangulation to identify their location. Time is registered via a trusted timestamping service.

Certified location registration 

myTaxLocator is an essential mobile app for international workers that uses emerging technology to automatically register where they’re working, while respecting their privacy, in a format accepted by tax authorities.

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