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Organisations going through a merger or an acquisition face the complexities of combining two HR departments under one strategy and vision. PwC can help.

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Among other complex considerations, a merger or acquisition involves blending  two distinct HR departments. Each side is likely to have different structures, strategies, policies and procedures and a different company culture. A merged HR department needs a new target operating model with a clear vision. This can be a major challenge to organisations, as they often lack the resources required to develop a new HR strategy and change the way they work.

It’s essential to successfully merge your people, communicate with stakeholders and develop and implement policies and procedures adapted to a new strategy, all while your HR function continues to operate. At the pre-deal or post-deal phase of your transaction, buy-side or sell-side, PwC can help.

Organisations going through a merger or an acquisition face the complexities of combining two HR departments under one strategy and vision

How we can help

We assist with the people aspects of your merger or acquisition. In the pre-deal phase of a transaction, our multidisciplinary teams of HR specialists perform a readiness assessment, followed by comprehensive HR due diligence that covers employment law, benefits, workforce, HR structure and practices, organisational structure and compensation. We work closely with stakeholders to gauge resistance and pinpoint the difficulties and risks your organisation and people could face. 

Post-deal, we take a holistic approach to reorganisation by helping to develop a new way of working in all aspects of HR including learning, management, talent and policy integration. Our international Network of employment law (for which we work together with PwC Legal), compensation and benefits, change management, HR management and HR strategy specialists work together to deliver an end-to-end HR solution, from complexity to execution. 

Management consulting

Find out how we can help improve your organisational performance by analysing existing issues in the areas of finance, people, sales and operations. We’ll work with you on plans for improvement and future-proof growth.

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