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Workforce of the future

Do you have the right people to drive your business?

Strategies, processes and technology alone aren't enough to future-proof your organisation. Your success hinges on your people’s ability to accept, adopt, drive and sustain change.

Your Workforce of the Future challenges

As businesses continue to cope with COVID-19 disruptions, one of the many areas impacted by profound and permanent change is the workforce. Issues have moved beyond increased flexibility with employees and quickly equipping people to work remotely. Once the initial flurry of reactions to maintaining business continuity in a pandemic began to subside, two issues clearly emerged: the potential of a virtual workforce and new considerations in building the workforce strategy of the future. 

Organisations that are currently undergoing large transformations driven by digitisation and globalisation face challenges in the way their people are deployed.

How we can help

Our multidisciplinary People and Organisation team of over 180 specialists will assist you from a people perspective to ensure your workforce is mobile and adapted to accommodate a workforce of the future. We’ll develop innovative and sustainable solutions like talent sharing across organisations to satisfy the rapidly changing skill set demand.

Our HR, global mobility, employment law, talent, rewards, organisation and change specialists will work with you as needed to solve your complex People and Organisation challenges and enable and motivate your teams to embrace change.

Building a workforce strategy of the future

This year’s events have made it clear that the workforce of the future will be different. It’s time to revise your workforce strategy accordingly. Whether you’re looking to implement a new workforce strategy or build a future-proof workforce, PwC will help you reach your goals to keep you ahead of the curve.

Contact us now to get started on building your workforce of the future, from complexity to execution.


Connecting people to the resources they need with Digital Fitness App

Boost your resilience with PwC’s free Digital Fitness app 

As the world shifts at an unprecedented pace, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and equip your people and your organisation with the skills and knowledge they need to face the future. 

That’s why our Digital Fitness learning app is now available at no charge, to help you deepen your understanding of digital trends, learn new skills and new ways of working - anytime, from anywhere. 

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Tom Verboven

Director, Brussels, PwC Belgium

+32 474 56 28 11


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Partner, Ghent, PwC Belgium

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Partner, Brussels, PwC Belgium

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Tom Verboven

Tom Verboven

Director, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 474 56 28 11