Use a job classification system and gain greater clarity

Grading jobs in your organisation is the building block for HR processes and planning your future workforce

Flat hierarchies, self-directed and multidisciplinary teams - these are just some of the ways our organisations are changing. In such an agile and flexible environment, companies need structure to avoid chaos. Defining jobs in a clear organisational framework brings clarity to your employees and management alike.

The benefits of a job classification system

Benefits for your employees

Clear roles and responsibilities are key for employee well-being and productivity. With a clear overview of the jobs and grades available to them, employees also have a better view of their career progression possibilities and job mobility, vital for retaining valuable workers.

Benefits for your organisation

For your organisation, job classification enables strategic workforce planning and long-term cost reductions. A clear reward structure also ensures equal pay for equal work.

Benefits for management

Management benefits from clear roles and responsibilities within teams, making it easier to identify the competencies in a team and where there are gaps.

The backbone of all other HR processes

Job classification also facilitates a number of other HR processes, which are key now and for the future:

  • Strategic workforce planning to anticipate future competencies 

  • Organisational design for future development and growth

  • Consistent yet personalised reward and recognition approach

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Job mobility

  • Engaging and motivating employees

  • Developing and training employees

  • Communicating with employees in an efficient way

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Need help with job classification?

Whether you already have a job classification system or you’re looking to introduce one, PwC has the experience and know-how to help. 

STRATA is PwC’s own job grading methodology. Every job is evaluated by the same set of dimensions and criteria, which are adapted to the size and complexity of your company. STRATA criteria take into account the knowledge and skills needed for the job, the complexity of the job, impact and responsibilities. The evaluation results are compared internally across all divisions for consistency. 

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If you already have a job classification system we can run a health check to ensure it’s still fit for purpose. We check that

  • your organisational structure is in line with your short-term goals and long-term strategy

  • your job descriptions and the weight of each job are still up to date

  • roles, responsibilities and objectives are clear for your employees

  • you reward your employees in a consistent way, while taking into account employee preferences

  • your employees know how they can evolve in your organisation.

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