Employment tax incentives

Use employment tax incentives to help win the war for talent and ensure compliance

People drive your business

Having the right people in place is crucial for an organisation’s success, and offering an attractive remuneration package is essential to remain competitive. But the wage burden also has to be taken into consideration. 

Did you know you can reduce employee payroll costs through various incentives, such wage withholding tax exemptions for research and development (R&D), night - and shift labour and start-up companies? There are also schemes to reward your most creative and innovative employees through an innovation premium or the copyright regime. The options are almost limitless!

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R&D withholding tax incentive

One of the most important incentives is the R&D withholding tax incentive which encourages companies to invest in research and development in Belgium.  Although the benefits of this regime are clear - a recurring and substantial cash benefit for companies in Belgium - the conditions are not always. 

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Why collaborate with PwC?

Over the years we’ve assisted more than 200 companies in applying the R&D exemption. We use this extensive practical experience to create a customised approach from strategy through to execution. Our support includes:

  • Registration at Belspo

  • Analysis of the R&D puzzle

  • Calculation of the incentive, coordination with the payroll agency and Belspo update

  • Building a defence file

  • Audit support

PwC is also experienced in applying other wage withholding tax exemptions such as night and shift labour, real estate, start-up companies and overtime.

Corporate tax incentives and cash grants

If your company is working with research and development there’s a strong possibility you can also apply for corporate tax incentives and cash grants, designed to stimulate innovation. Navigating your way through the incentives available, the competent authorities, application procedures, filing and keeping track of your applications is more complex than you may realise. Success depends on identifying the correct incentive for your company’s needs and translating it into a compelling and ultimately successful application. 

Together with our corporate incentive team we can guide you through the R&D incentives landscape in Belgium to create one coherent framework and incentive strategy that fits your company. Find out how we can help you apply for  Government incentives.

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