Employee experience and employee preferences

PwC's and Truechoice EVP (employer value proposition) solution

Unique in Europe, our proprietary PwC-TrueChoice technology enables us to measure employee preferences in real time,  optimise corporate remuneration systems, and improve employee satisfaction and commitment. 

Using our AI enabled survey, which is tailored to each surveyed company, and our database, which offers extensive filtering options, we examine a wide range of benefits to help our clients make their benefit offering as attractive as possible for their employees.


We help you to find data underpinned solutions for total rewards related challenges:

How to generate savings if necessary? Implement 'smart cost optimisation' instead of across the board cuts.

How to improve employee retention and attraction through the total rewards offering? What will represent real value to our employees?

The ability to retain talent and employees

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Bart Van den Bussche

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Sandra De Weerd

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