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EQUAL-SALARY certification is good for business

A diverse and inclusive workforce is increasingly recognised by organisations as key to success. This is demonstrated through improved financial performance, better attraction and retention of talent, more innovation and deeper customer insights.

Globally, the wage-earning workforce consists of 52% men and 48% women, so ensuring gender equality is a top priority for organisations. Many countries are introducing legislation regarding gender diversity at the C-suite level, and working to ensure that men and women are paid equally for equal work.

The pay gap between men and women carrying out equal work globally is approximately 20%, which widens to 45% for the top 1% of earners and varies from country to country (source: ILO 2016 Global Wage Report).

EQUAL-SALARY is an independent, non-profit foundation that promotes equal pay for men and women around the world. Together with the University of Geneva, the foundation has developed a robust methodology for objective pay analysis.


How can your organisation commit to Diversity and Inclusion?


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How can your organisation commit to equal pay?

The EQUAL-SALARY certification is a four-step methodology

Step 1: Statistical analysis

Your organisation’s employee data is provided to the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation for analysis through a secure IT platform.

All data is made anonymous prior to analysis, and compensation data is destroyed after the statistics report’s been transmitted. Using the equal-salary statistical regression method, the wage difference observed needs to be 5% or less and must be 90% accurate or higher to proceed to step 2.

A list of individual employee cases falling outside these criteria is provided, enabling you to put in place a specific action plan demonstrating your commitment to equal pay for men and women.

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Step 2: PwC’s on-site review

PwC’s EQUAL-SALARY team will perform an on-site review according to international standards on quality management to assess:

  • Management’s commitment to equal pay for men and women
  • Integration of equal pay strategies into your HR processes and policies
  • Employees’ perception of your company’s pay practices

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Step 3: Certification

If the results of our review are favourable, you’ll be awarded the EQUAL-SALARY label from the EQUAL-SALARY Foundation.

The EQUAL-SALARY label can be used on all your company communications like your website, recruitment advertisements, letterheads, email signatures and your annual report.

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Step 4: Monitoring reviews

The EQUAL-SALARY certification is valid for three years. During that period, as a certified company you’ll be subject to two monitoring reviews to demonstrate your ongoing commitment and fulfilment of actions to apply a fair, non-discriminatory wage policy between men and women.

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