Diversity and Inclusion

Helping you attract, retain and harness the diverse talent your business needs to flourish

Why come to PwC for help with D&I?

Studies have shown that the greater the variation in talents and backgrounds in your workforce, the more successful your organisation will be in an increasingly complex and heterogeneous world. Actually achieving this workplace diversity and unlocking its potential, however, involves a whole set of practical challenges.

PwC’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) consulting practice can support you in enhancing your people's experience by:

  • Making your organisation more inclusive and diverse

  • Attracting more women to your company

  • Retaining and developing diverse talent

  • Identifying and eliminating systemic bias, like gender bias or sexual discrimination, in your policies and practices

  • Ensuring the employee lifecycle is fair and robust, from application to exit

  • Measuring and applying fair pay practices


"Organisations that do not address the issue of Diversity and Inclusion take the risk of no longer being relevant in the labour market. The establishment of an inclusive culture is a must so that each individual, regardless of his or her difference, can express himself or herself, be recognized and valued as such."

Tom VerbovenD&I practice leader at PwC Belgium


How do we help you achieve your D&I goals?

On the basis of our experience, we’ve evolved an approach that systematically addresses the four key components of D&I management:



Initiatives tend to lose momentum if they’re not underpinned by a solid, intelligent strategy. This means setting the direction for sustained change, defining action plans and accountability timeframes, designing and implementing governance models and making fact-based decisions.

Diversity & Inclusion Analytics


The best decisions are based on hard facts. Research-based practice and tailor-made metrics enable you to monitor progress, gain insights into your people and culture and anticipate changes, so you can start building your workforce of the future.

Diversity & inclusion - Awareness and education

Awareness and education

Education is key to sustained diversity efforts. The aim is to enable your people to be inclusive every day and rewire their behaviours and actions. An important part of this is training the trainers who champion diversity and foster an inclusive leadership mindset within your organisation.

Diversity & inclusion - Inspiration


Sustained diversity ultimately means inspiring people. We help you design and implement the various components of an inspirational environment: events, training, thought leadership, research and publications.


What makes us qualified to help you manage your D&I?

We’re a team of D&I practitioners, academic experts and HR professionals with proven experience in making cultural change happen across sectors (profit, non-profit and academic), in both Belgian and global contexts.

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