Build an attractive compensation and benefits package

Top talent can pick and choose among potential employers, so companies need to stand out. An attractive and flexible compensation and benefits package can set you apart from your competitors.

Your challenges

A major consideration among potential employees is an organisation’s compensation and benefits (C&B) package. They want flexibility and the freedom to choose the benefits that best suit their individual needs. For many organisations, however, the package they offer is a set of separate components that they keep building on without a vision for the future. With this approach, employees are often unsure what exactly their C&B are and if they correspond to their evolving needs.

The package you offer needs to be carefully planned and aligned with what people want, but also tax optimised. Regulations are constantly changing and you need to be informed to maintain a tax-compliant rewards package.

Any changes to your offering have to be properly communicated and administered within your organisation. Do you want to help position your company as an employer of choice by improving your C&B?

Employee want flexibility and the freedom to choose the benefits that best suit their individual needs

How we can help

We use our proven methodology to help you build a tailored C&B package that’s attractive to employees, but also tax optimised and cost neutral. Our experienced PwC C&B specialists will organise a workshop with you in which we analyse your current offering and benchmark against best practices.

Based on factors like how you wish to position yourself on the market and the pay mix you’d like to offer, we present various scenarios from which we build a custom C&B package that’s in line with your strategy. During the implementation phase, we’ll assist with all aspects including legal, policy, communications and administrative considerations.

We’ll also compare different providers to get you a view of the best rates on goods and services, so you can offer a modern, flexible and cost-neutral C&B package that sets your company apart.

Total Reward optimisation based on employee preferences

We help you to tackle total reward-related challenges based data analytics:

  • How to improve retention and attraction through the total rewards offering
  • How to generate savings with minimal impact on employee preference (smart cost optimisation)


Linking pay to ESG goals

Public pressure and changing norms are paving the way for business leadesr to be paid on a new set of criteria. Including ESG metrics in executive pay packages is a tangible way to close the say-do gap for a skeptical audience, but is not without its challenges.

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Equal Pay Certification

Lead by example: closing the wage gap via Equal Pay Certification adds value, builds a strong reputation and attracts top talent.

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PwC’s flexible mobility solution

The world of mobility is shifting gears and today’s talent expects greater flexibility. Are you ready to move from a car policy to a mobility policy? A flexible mobility programme puts your company and your people in the driver’s seat.

Try our innovative mobility tool demo now!

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