Business restructuring services

A tough economic climate, rapid market changes, new competitors, disruptive technologies, strategic choices – any or all of these can plunge a company into serious financial distress.

Stability for stakeholders in a changing business environment

Significant challenges face businesses competing in a global marketplace. PwC’s Business Restructuring Services team provides hands-on financial, operational, and strategic restructuring options to help healthy companies strengthen and struggling business to get back in shape.

PwC is the premier provider of business restructuring & insolvency services. Active in 144 countries, our global network of over 2,000 highly skilled professionals can rapidly deploy cross-border solutions. Business restructuring professionals deliver tangible results to all stakeholders.

Our experienced professionals offer a full range of advisory services to healthy and troubled companies, creditors, and equity sponsors.


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Business Restructuring covers the following services and more:


Financial restructuring

Maximising growth potential through restructuring

We provide hands-on financial management to quickly assess your situation, identify issues, examine options and refocus your capital structure in alignment with your growth objectives. If you find yourself facing severe headwinds, our restructuring experts can help you navigate unfamiliar waters


Our services:

  • Short term cash flow forecasting
  • Business plan preparation
  • Creditor negotiations
  • Balance sheet restructurings

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Independent business review

Providing clarity in turbulent times

When stakeholder interests diverge in the face of underperforming businesses, an Independent Business Review can serve as a Common Information Platform to bring an understanding of the situation and provide alignment on the best path forward. Our professionals are here to help you move forward so you don’t have to do it alone.


Our services:

  • Common Information Platforms
  • Short term liquidity requirements
  • Covenant modelling
  • Strategic Option Analysis

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Crisis and stakeholder management

Providing stability and leadership in a crisis

In times of crises, strong leadership is required. Our experts can quickly assess situations, objectively analyse facts, and provide decisive actions for management to maintain control in crisis situations. We support management in bridging the reality-gap of various stakeholders and rebuilding trust to find a common path forward.


Our services:

  • Active stakeholder management as bridging intermediary
  • Resources to support management & key internal functions
  • Development of stabilisation plans

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Corporate simplification

Streamlining organisations for value creation

A flexible, efficient organisation is key to ensuring long-standing success. If your time is being spent managing governance issues instead of growing your business, it may be time to simplify. We can assist you in streamlining your organisation to deliver tax-efficient value to your stakeholders.


Our services:

  • Identification of redundant activities
  • Development of tax-efficient legal/operating structures
  • Legacy acquisition integration
  • Improvement of business controls & compliance

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Accelerated M&A

Managing sales to preserve value

When businesses need to shed assets in order to raise capital, an experienced advisor is required to maintain control of the process while preserving asset values. Our methodology is designed around a central tenant of helping you maintain control of the process, providing expert information to management, and avoiding costly insolvencies.


Our services:

  • Strategic option analysis
  • Equity capital raises
  • Asset divestments
  • Bridge financing solutions

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Optimised exit services

Refocusing internal capital allocation

Do you have non-core activities that are impairing your ability to efficiently deploy capital? Are you faced with a business unit absorbing too many resources with relatively small returns? Or perhaps your commercial plans are not aligned with your current assets. If you find yourself asking these questions, an Optimised Exit may be right for the business.


Our services:

  • Strategic option analysis
  • Business planning
  • Divestment services

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