Employment law

It is all about people – and of course all the associated legal questions and concerns that arise on a day-to-day basis

Working conditions, redundancy, training, equal opportunity recruitment, pensions, social security, taxation – the provisions of EU and national law reach into every corner of a company’s operations.

Employment law is at the centre of rapid responses to changes in the business climate: 

  • opening and closing subsidiaries, 
  • new collective bargaining agreements, 
  • individual dismissals and collective redundancies, 
  • executive compensation reviews,
  • increasing international mobility,
  • advise on individual and collective employment law issues as well as projects,
  • ensuring that your workforce is working within the law,
  • handling the employment issues that arise out of new business challenges, as well as mergers and acquisitions, executive terminations and policy compliance.

Companies’ strategic people decisions are subject to legislation in multiple jurisdictions within Europe and beyond, each with its own unique body of HR law and directives which must be respected.

PwC can help you manage all these issues and provide insight and support so that the decisions you make have the desired outcome: a more efficient organisation, a well structured workforce and proactive management of all the associated regulatory affairs. 


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How PwC can help you

We will assist you in answering the whole range of your employment questions, with particular emphasis on the following areas.

Managing legal risk

  • HR documentation, including contracts, service agreements, working regulations and handbooks (including assisting HR departments regarding daily employment law issues such as illness, holidays and overtime)
  • Remuneration arrangements and bonus plans – including HR scans on compensation & benefits policies
  • Discrimination issues
  • Policies and procedures (accompanied by management training)
  • Preparing for and assisting during inspections
  • Cooperating with self-employed persons
  • Terminations, including termination packages for senior executives

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International employment issues

  • Tax-effective international employment documentation together with our HRS tax colleagues
  • Applicable (mandatory) labour law rules
  • Global and regional employment companies
  • Assignee terminations

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  • Outsourcing and off-shoring – transfers of undertakings
  • Due diligence projects
  • Shared service centres
  • Corporate reorganisations – individual and collective dismissals
  • Cross-border redundancy exercises

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