IT due diligence

Making sure IT systems are up to the job

Assuring business as usual

With IT playing a key role in business operations, managing information and financial reporting, and often the  largest capital and operational expenditure item on the books, it should be a priority consideration during a transaction.

We can help you as a buyer to fully understand the cost and impact of IT matters on a given transaction. By closely managing IT-related aspects of the transaction, we can also help limit business disruption and reduce risks.

We can help you spot opportunities to improve business performance and reduce costs through better use of IT, and show you how IT can help you achieve your post-deal goals, and the capital required.

Overall, we offer peace of mind by making sure that a target business’s IT systems are up to the job and by pinpointing resources critical to continued business as usual.

Wendy Lienart and Pieter Van Nieuwenburgh, both PwC employees, having a meeting on the laptop

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