Cybersecurity & cybercrime

Is your business fully protected?

Increase security and peace of mind by better protecting privacy and data, resolving data leakage quickly and assuring business continuity.

Looking for peace of mind when it comes to data protection?

Are you certain your risk management is adequate, that you have the necessary counter measures in place?

Can you assure confidentiality, integrity and availability of information internally and to the outside world?

Are you prepared to respond adequately and quickly should a data breach occur?


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How we can help

You can’t be too prepared

We’re available at the precise moment you need support. We can carry out penetration testing of your systems to assess their level of security, as well as security testing and social engineering. If security can be improved, we can devise an appropriate solution to build in essential counter measures to better secure privacy of applications and software. Measures also help assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data to specified audiences.


Here when it happens

Should an event occur, our crisis management team is available at short notice to help you remediate the issue. We can identify how and when the breach occurred, what data and devices were compromised, close loopholes and prevent spread, and eliminate the threat to assure business continuity.

We investigate incidences relating to many types of computer-related crime, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs), data leakage, industrial espionage, sabotage, insider attacks and spoof emails. Our forensic technology team calls on advanced cybersecurity intelligence and legal technology to help manage the vast amount of electronic data involved in an investigation, at the same time navigating the legal and business processes mandated by critical events.

Information leak or loss

Lost important or confidential information – sales and marketing plans, employees’ personal records, new product details - as a result of a data breach? Need help with incident management? Do you have a breach indicator to find out exactly how it happened and what data has been compromised?

Irreparable damage to your reputation

Could confidential email correspondence harm your reputation? Do you know how to close loopholes and prevent further information disclosure? Do you need immediate damage control to prevent further embarrassment?

Financial losses

Are you facing financial outlay to clean up a breach and prevent a recurrence? Have you lost clients as a result? Has a new product launch been compromised? Do you want to implement a fast incident response process for the future?

Greater protection for the future

We can then help prepare your environment for greater resilience and increase digital trust, all the while assuring compliance.

If you’re prepared to respond swiftly and forensically to a cyber-breach incident, you’ll be well placed to defend your business from financial loss and irreparable reputational damage.


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