Converse: CRM solution for nonprofits

Do you have the resources in place to effectively manage your nonprofit’s constituents and segment donors, collect donations and process payments?

PwC can tailor and implement the Converse Salesforce app to help your nonprofit build and nurture lasting relationships.

The Salesforce-powered solution for European fundraising organisations

Converse is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution for nonprofits, designed and built on the Salesforce Platform specifically for European nonprofit organisations (NPOs). Converse helps your organisation build and nurture lifelong relationships with each of your constituents: donors, members and volunteers. It also manages SEPA direct debit online payment processing.

Get a 360° view on all your constituents

Converse lets you manage all your donors, members and volunteers via one interface.

It’s a full Salesforce CRM solution, built on the Salesforce Platform with integrated payment processing functionalities for nonprofits. Converse helps your organisation build and nurture lifelong relationships with each of your constituents:

  • Donor management

  • Member management

  • Volunteer management

  • Legacy management

  • SEPA direct debit

  • Online payment processing

Converse is a mobile-friendly tool

Converse is a mobile-friendly tool

Converse lets you segment your data for optimised marketing campaigns and personalised customer journeys

Segment your donors

Converse lets you segment your data for optimised marketing campaigns and personalised customer journeys.

SegmentScience is an integral part of Converse. It allows communications and marketing specialists to segment their data for campaigns and personalised customer journeys. The segmented data can be used to feed into marketing solutions like the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and dashboards, and to run reports and provide customer service representatives quick insights into the value of a relationship.

For inbound processes like requests, cases, additional donations and payment reversals, SegmentScience can be used to create personalised customer journeys that are driven by a broad set of data insights.

Collect donations on your website

Converse includes a payment interface, Converse Payment API, that allows you to process both one-time and recurring payments from almost any source.

The payment platform integrates easily within your website, as installation capabilities are built into the tool. Your web developer won’t need any knowledge of how payments are processed, as simply connecting with the Converse Payment API is enough to process all kinds of payment methods. 

Because payments are processed through the Salesforce CRM platform, your marketing team and customer service representatives get real-time insights into the status of donations and the ROI of ongoing campaigns. The built-in Relation interface will add or update existing donor information based on the criteria you configure.

Converse supports SEPA direct debit payment processing

Process direct debit payments with ease

Converse supports SEPA direct debit payment processing for any bank, allowing you to continue your current banking relationships with the possibility to add additional partners for new payment methods. It supports both classic payment providers and the newer FinTech wallets, so you can capture donations from a wide variety of payment channels. 

With Converse, you can drive one-time and recurring payments directly from the donor profile. Payment collection can be done straight from the app.

Want to find out more about how Converse can help you with fundraising or member organisation? Contact us now!


Accelerate: Quickstart implementation

Quick Salesforce start for nonprofits

Accelerate is a standard configuration of Converse and Salesforce and is based on PwC’s best practices from numerous Salesforce implementations for nonprofits. The goal? To offer an excellent quickstart Salesforce deployment to small- and mid-sized nonprofits. 

Converse Accelerate will enable you start benefiting from Salesforce quickly, without spending a lot of time on your implementation. Accelerate can be implemented in just one month! Thanks to this quick deployment, your environment will be operational in no time. Features and customised configurations can be added on top of the standard package.

Whereas Converse is famous for being the most complete and easy-to-use Salesforce CRM solution for mid-size and larger European nonprofits, Converse Accelerate is the proven starter pack for medium and smaller nonprofits. Both solutions are based on best practices, and can be tailored and expanded as your organisation evolves.

Included in the Accelerate package

Multiple processes

Standard implementation that gives an excellent starting point for small and mid-sized nonprofits.

Best practices

Implementation that covers best practices for your organisation’s various departments.

Excellent value

Quick implementation and great value.

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