Fraud risk mitigation

Economic crime strikes indiscriminately and on a global scale, with devastating damages and costs

Does your business have preventative measures in place?

Your organisation needs to build and maintain public trust to ensure the protection of your brand, reputation, relationships and ultimately your bottom line. That means you need to take steps to protect yourself from economic crime before you become a victim.

How we can help

We’ll work closely with you to perform a fraud risk assessment to mitigate risks to your organisation by implementing policies and procedures or other preventative control mechanisms. We can help test and reinforce your control environments so you can manage your economic crime risk proactively, not reactively.

Our cutting-edge data analysis technology makes it easier to identify vulnerabilities and design a solution tailored to your unique business needs.

A company-wide ethical code of conduct is crucial to effective risk mitigation. The new values must be practiced across all levels of your organisation, with your executives leading by example. Without an effective communications plan and leadership involvement, new ethics standards are futile. We’ll work closely with you to establish and implement a new set of ethical standards, from Strategy through Execution.

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