From data monetisation to value realisation

How mature is data monetisation in Belgium?

Surveying data usage in Belgium

Data’s seen increasingly as the new “oil”, an easy way to get rich. Companies are told that if they have a lot of data, they’re sitting on a goldmine.

To get an indication of the maturity level of data monetisation in Belgium, PwC spoke with a number of (small and large) companies about the use of data and analytics (D&A) within their organisation. Firms were selected from different industries, all with operations in Belgium.

How can D&A help your business?

Driving efficiency

Using data can help reduce internal costs and boost operational efficiency. Better business planning, supply chain maintenance and logistics optimisation are just three examples of how you can drive margins using D&A.

Fostering growth

Using analytics, you’re better able to identify targets and create a more tailored customer experience, supporting greater revenue growth. Providing sales people with customer data and predictive insights ensures a more targeted and focused approach.

Sell data

Selling data and insights can generate an additional revenue stream. Find people in or outside your ecosystem that can benefit from your knowledge and estimate its value accordingly.

Become an insights leader

D&A insights can help you create valuable intellectual property and become an innovator/industry leader. This in turn can (potentially) bring important new revenue streams.

How to achieve these benefits?

Achieving one or more of these benefits isn’t always easy.

It starts by answering three basic questions:

  1. What data’s available in your company?
  2. Who’d be willing to pay for it or which internal department could benefit from it?
  3. How are you going to get there?


Download the report to find out.

You need to make sure that your data foundation is solid and 100% correct. If your supporting data layer is insufficiently thought out and maintained, you’ll never be able to do the cool stuff.

Carlos Soares Senior Director Marketplace Analytics, Nike

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