On track for the payback

The bigger the merger, the greater the challenges. How can you make sure it's the right deal for your business?


Identifying and realising the true value

All deals are tricky. But megadeals demand a stronger business case and considerably more care. We believe that the best way to manage the heightened risks and complexities and realise the value potential from the megadeal is through a more informed and systematic approach to strategic planning, target identification, valuation, due diligence and post-deal integration.

As such, we have identified the following business process to help you use your resources and capital in the most optimal way:

  1. Designing a platform for future profitability and growth
  2. Assigning accountability
  3. Realistic synergy valuation
  4. Knowing what you’re buying
  5. Telling it how it is
  6. Determining the role of acquired management
  7. Managing the integration as a business process

The larger the transaction, the greater the need for a well-defined business process to focus resources and capital on the right activities at the right times and to capture cost and revenue synergies as quickly as possible. This is especially true for both consolidation and capabilities extension deals wherein two big companies are coming together with a large number of employees and customers.


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