Healthcare industry focus - 19th CEO Survey

Healthcare is an industry in transition. Facing the challenge, healthcare CEOs must contend with new technology, demographic shifts that profoundly change the world’s population and high public expectations.


This report looks in more detail at the views of 70 healthcare CEOs in 30 countries, as well as drawing on in-depth interviews.

The business environment is more complex, and more challenging than it’s ever been, andhealthcare is at the cutting edge of that change. 

Global megatrends like demographic change and technological advances are having a bigger impact on healthcare than on many other sectors.

There are predicted to be nearly 500 million more people over 60 by 2030,1 for example, and the rapidly ageing populations in most Western economies are putting enormous and growing pressure on healthcare. There will also be a steep rise in chronic conditions, like diabetes, as a result of changes in diet and higher levels of obesity. Not surprisingly, healthcare CEOs are more likely to see stakeholder expectations of their business changing as a result of demographic shifts (77%, versus 61% overall).


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