Healthcare: a digital divide

This report is a summary of our key findings in the healthcare sector, based on a survey of 68 funder and provider executives in 21 countries


As part of the healthcare study, we surveyed 68 funder/payer and provider executives in 21 countries.

The results of the survey suggest some fairly profound differences in the ways healthcare funders/payers and providers approach digital – not just in how they’re using it, but even in how they understand it. 

According to this year’s survey findings, top performers are more likely to have CEO commitment, strategic clarity and shared understanding; an innovation network from inside and outside the organisation; and they are more likely to have clear measurement of their IT investment and stronger cyber-security.

The report also discusses: 

  • The digital divide between funder/payers and providers and their focus areas; 
  • How digital can help the issues facing healthcare; 
  • Putting opportunities into practice, and
  • Business implications for your business. 


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