Data Analytics in the logistics sector

What potential does data analytics offer the logistics sector? And how can this potential be leveraged? Our survey of 200 European logistics operators has found answers to these and other questions.


Digitisation is rapidly changing the business environment of logistics operators. Information is generated, processed and brought together by a multitude of systems in different company functions. Large quantities of data of all kinds are generated – with increasing speed. Modern technologies make it possible to evaluate these data in real time and analyse them in relation to issues relevant for decision-making. 

In this study we surveyed 200 German and European logistics operators to investigate how they are positioned in relation to the issue of data analytics and how the use of business intelligence (BI) and Big Data will affect their actions in the next two years. 

One conclusion is that logistics operators have so far been reserved when making large investments in this area. They may recognise the potential offered by data analyses and they especially hope to be able to reduce their cost base. But as soon as concrete measures are at issue, more specifically, making a budget available, the respondents are more reluctant.


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