Strategy& partners with Belfius' Smart Belgium Services

22 Nov 2017

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We have a responsibility to help improve the quality of life and work where we can

Like many countries, the large scale urbanisation of Belgium calls for new and innovative ways to overcome problems of overpopulation, energy consumption, resource management, environmental protection and more.

Digitisation can help cities achieve that. That’s why Strategy& is delighted to be the exclusive strategy consulting partner helping power Belfius’ Smart Belgium Services concern, an enterprise aimed at developing a smart cities ecosystem and delivering consulting services to help municipalities in Belgium implement a smart cities strategy.

SmartBelgium Services logo

Smart Belgium Services uses Belfius’ experience in financing smart cities projects and in-depth knowledge of the field as a long-standing partner of the public and social sector, along with Strategy&’s unique expertise in the field of telecoms and digital infrastructures, and experience in the development and execution of smart cities strategies.

Its approach is original in two ways

It’s holistic, encompassing eight priority areas - energy, mobility, circular economy, environment, urban development, smart city services, health and prevention and teaching-, and it encourages and facilitates the co-creation of sustainable and innovative solutions by and with companies, to continuously improve and expand smart products and service offerings.

The aim of Smart Belgium Services is to create cities for smart citizens, helping to improve their quality of life and work via digitisation, and by creating a comprehensive ecosystem of technologies, rather than having individual and unconnected projects.


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