Journeys To Treasury 2017

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The second edition of Journeys to Treasury aims to identify the truly transformative and potentially disruptive changes in the world of treasury. It builds upon a series of surveys, interviews, panel discussions and interactive sessions which took place throughout 2017 to identify the most pressing topics in the world of corporate treasury.

The 2017 edition of the report presents pertinent corporate case studies that illustrate how treasurers are addressing these topics.

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Three key themes of JTT 2017

Data analytics, compliance and regulation, and cybersecurity

In line with the philosophy of the report, these topics have been developed with the joint perspectives of the bank, the industry association, the consultant and the software vendor.

On data analytics, the report finds that since treasury-related data is already centrally organised, data analytics can be used by treasurers for smarter decision-making. JTT 2017 also demonstrates the use of artificial intelligence as a performance booster, and shows how a global leader in the flavours industry used robotics and AI to its advantage.

In the second section, JTT examines why compliance and regulation continue to dominate the treasurer’s agenda with a roadmap that appears to be endless. It addresses the challenges that treasurers face in assessing the impact of constantly changing rules, to which recent geopolitical changes have added their own layer of complexity. The case study in this section demonstrates how treasurers can benefit by working hand-in-hand with tax experts and by focussing on transparency.

Finally, in the third section, the report puts cybersecurity and fraud under the microscope. In an increasingly digital world with fraudsters becoming more agile every day, treasurers have no choice but to be proactive. Yet even the best-designed cybersecurity policy offers no guarantees of total protection of corporate data. The report analyses how, after being a victim of social engineering fraud, a leading agro-industrial group both adapted its internal culture and updated its agreements with its financial partners.


The first edition of Journeys To Treasury made a lasting impression on the corporate treasury community, with as many as 1,387 downloads across the world and more than 24,000 visits to the report’s website within the first three months of its launch.

Journeys to Treasury 2017 has been launched at EuroFinance Barcelona and is available for download.

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About BNP Paribas Cash Management

BNP Paribas provides cash management services to more than 40,000 corporate clients around the world. Through its local presence on all continents, BNP Paribas is able to accompany corporates across the world.

A community of 2,500 experienced and committed Cash Management professionals operates across BNP Paribas’ international network in 208 business centres in 55 countries, covering more than 130 currencies. BNP Paribas has been designated No. 1 Trade Finance Bank and No. 1 Cash Management Bank in the European large corporate sector, in the latest Greenwich Associates research.

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About EACT

The EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers) is a grouping of national associations representing treasury and finance professionals in 20 countries in Europe, bringing together around 13,000 members representing 6,500 groups/companies.

The association submits comments to the European authorities, national governments, regulators and standard-setters on issues faced by treasury and finance professionals across Europe. The EACT seeks to support the profession of treasury, corporate finance and risk management, promoting the value of treasury skills through best practice and education.

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About SAP

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the centre of today’s business and technology revolution. SAP has a comprehensive suite of solutions for treasury management which helps businesses gain greater insight and control over complex processes for managing cash, liquidity, and risk, while integrating financial reporting within SAP software.

By simplifying working capital, risk management, and compliance, treasury managers can gain complete transparency into and control over interrelated activities, and automate critical processes. SAP innovations help 320,000 customers worldwide to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively.

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