Maximising revenue growth

The pharmaceutical industry is facing significant concerns about their future revenue growth.

This is compounded with heightened regulatory scrutiny, a dearth of product approvals, mounting payer demands for product performance and increasing pricing pressure.

Increased focus on healthcare economics is essential for companies to succeed owing to

increasing budgetary demands, a growing population longevity and the mounting burden of chronic disease; all of these factors place further stresses on healthcare systems leading to increased activism by payers who are insisting on tighter product performance criteria before funding new treatments.

Suggestions on how to maximise revenue growth in the short term:

  • Focus on the optimal management of intellectual property (IP)
  • Increase in-licensing activity, particularly from the biotech sector, while out-licensing non-core assets or adjacent market applications
  • Refocus activities based on the business model that’s most likely to be adopted
  • Target merger & acquisition opportunities, and expand into emerging geographic markets
  • Search for ways to improve productivity in-house from a leaner cost base.

PwC’s services help to identify future growth opportunities and implement strategies

PwC offers a wide array of services to help pharmaceutical, biotech, medical-device, generics and service provider companies identify future growth opportunities and implement strategies, processes and structures to achieve that growth.

Our team will assist you in defining your strategy and business plans as you meet the challenges of a changing environment.

  • We can leverage our comprehensive global network to facilitate expansion into any territory, including the growing E7 countries, assisting you in managing the attendant risks. Working with our corporate finance specialists, we can help you develop and implement an acquisitive growth strategy, built on robust strategic and valuation fundamentals.
  • Using an effective portfolio evaluation and management approach, we can help you identify the most fruitful areas for research & development investment. Our licensing management team can provide robust advice on licensing strategy, including evaluating strategic options, and assist at every stage of the licensing process, from due diligence and development of contract terms, to reviewing of the company's controls around maintaining alliances.
  • We can assist you in improving revenue streams and managing risk by reviewing compliance with licences and other business arrangements and by advising on appropriate procedures to manage royalty revenue payments and proceeds. Our compliance team helps to identify and manage any legal, regulatory or operational risk associated with new areas of growth.
  • Our performance improvement team has a proven track record of providing pragmatic advisory services in respect of sales-force effectiveness, with our global network of tax professionals helping to ensure that any transactions or changes in your business model is structured in the most tax-efficient manner while meeting business, legal and regulatory requirements.

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