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Through human-led and technology-powered defence solutions, we support the protection of our society today and tomorrow.

PwC Belgium helps national and international defence and security organisations solve their most complex challenges. Our services enable private and public sector clients to pursue solutions adapted to the new changing security and defence environment. By combining our deep understanding of defence and industry dynamics, while leveraging our unparalleled network of experts and building further on our proven people and technology capabilities, we ensure our clients and partners are ready today for tomorrow’s challenges.

Defence challenges in uncertain times

Our world is contested and unpredictable. The Russian Federation's war of aggression against Ukraine has shattered peace and changed our security environment.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the backbone of our collective defence. NATO is transforming into NATO 3.0, and facing new emerging threats and challenges (cyber, space, disinformation, hybrid, manipulation of energy supplies, use of economic coercion, impact of climate change, etc.).

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National governments and industries must protect their geographical, digital, and cognitive territory and boost security and defence capabilities. Consequently, NATO and EU countries have considerably increased their defence budgets in order to be able to face the worst-case scenario; a situation invoking Article V of the treaty, which states that an armed attack against one or more of the NATO members is considered an attack against all and further allows for the use of armed force, to restore and maintain the security of the North Atlantic area.

Moreover, the dividing line between war and peace is becoming more and more blurred: an effective and efficient use of a combination of the MIoP (Military Instrument of Power) and Non MIoP (financial and econcomical) will be of utmost importance to face those threats. Such a complex defence environment requires more strong public-private partnerships, innovative approaches, technological advantage, flexibility and agility. And above all, there is a sense of urgency driving these changes.

Nationally, the Belgian defence STAR plan (Security - Technology - Ambition - Resilience) has recently been approved. The ambition of this plan is to reconvert the Belgian armed forces by 2030 into a smart and highly technological organisation, able to operate on the national territory or in larger formations abroad. Four focus areas have been identified.

On the Belgian industrial side, cooperation has been reinforced: the BSDI (Belgian Security and Defence Industry) supports its members by facilitating all kinds of business development initiatives, including research and technologies, security of supply, intra-regional exchanges of development and production programmes.

In the context of these multiple challenges, PwC Belgium’s commitment is steadfast, with the clear ambition and capabilities to contribute to a more peaceful and secure world according to the rules-based international order.

Four focus areas have been identified:


Attract and keep motivated and well-trained personnel in sufficient quantity. Towards this end, initiatives are underway in different domains, such as well-being, financial compensations, diversity and inclusion, reinforcement of the recruitment effort, and a new, more adapted infrastructure.


in dual-use capabilities which can be used for operational missions as well as during domestic crises.

International cooperation

is a must with preferred EU and NATO partners (e.g. the Belgian - French CAMO [capacité motorisée] of the army).

Innovation and R&D

with a strong Belgian industrial base to enable national defence to collaborate with Belgian companies and research centres.

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How can we help: From strategy to operations

PwC Defence Consultancy is your partner of excellence to support you in facing security and defence challenges. Our team of multifunctional experts will partner with you and support you during your journey at all levels and across multiple domains.

PwC Belgium, an international team of experts, is already active in this area and has worked with NATO HQ, NCIA, SHAPE, EDA, Belgian Justice and Belgian Federal Police, Eurocontrol, Skeyes, and others, in order to improve efficiency and results. Sharing best practices and knowledge within the global PwC network is common practice, and can offer our clients significant added value.

 PwC Defence Consultancy’s aim is - through a future-focused approach - to provide you with long-term sustainable solutions.

Our PwC Aerospace and Defence team brings innovative thinking and tangible strategies to the complex challenges you face. We help you find opportunities within the key trends shaping your industry, while connecting the dots with other industries. Reach out – we’re looking forward to working with you.

The Strategic Promise of Digital Twins to Enhance Supply Chain Resilience:

The European Defence Agency (EDA), recently published a paper written by members of PwC’s Aerospace and Defence community on supply chain resilience in the context of the first “Innovation Paper Award” of the Agency. The paper, acknowledging the importance of digital twins as a key technological enabler, examined how their application to (defence) supply chains could make these more resilient and flexible, while reducing duplication. Read the full article to find out more!

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