European DAC7 - Webinar

Join the webcast and get guidance and background information from our experts!

With the introduction of the DAC7 legislation, digital platform operators will be required to report on sellers for the year 2023 for the first time in 2024 affecting both EU and non-EU platforms (when they have sellers or operations in the EU).

What does this mean for you, and how will this affect your processes? We’re happy to give you guidance and background information during our European DAC7 webcast on Tuesday, 14 February, 16.00-17.00 CET. Sign up now and get the information you need. 

About the DAC7 webcast

The DAC7 measure implies that you will need to design and execute Reportable Seller Identification procedures and implement and test the required reporting infrastructure well before the first reporting deadline. Considering the time required to obtain specific data from sellers, perform data cleansing, and test reporting infrastructure, it’s advisable to start preparing. 

Join the webcast and get guidance and background information from our experts. There will be time for discussion and questions, and we’ll provide some practical examples.


Topics covered in the webcast

  • Legislative update (including territory updates on scope clarifications) 

  • Implementation considerations and interaction with other regulations (including GDPR and the DSA)

  • Compliance and reporting challenges 

  • Q&A and closing

Speakers & contributors

Pieter Deré

Partner, PwC Belgium

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Andrew Norris
Partner, PwC UK

Nicole Stumm

Partner, PwC Germany

Bart Bonne

Associate, PwC Belgium

Jasper Van Schijndel

Director, PwC Netherlands

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Pieter Deré

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