Upskilling Lean Six Sigma capabilities with blended learning

PwC and Moresteam organise an introduction to the Lean Six Sigma blended learning approach. Learn from our network how to get your workforce certified while delivering added-value projects.

This webinar will introduce you to the blended learning approach we have been successfully using to train and certify people in Lean Six Sigma. 

You will learn about our unique people- and results-oriented blended learning programme, get acquainted with the Moresteam platform, and understand how your teams can become certified yellow, green or black belts. 

Our clients will share their experiences with the blended learning approach by focusing on how it adds value to their day-to-day operations.


Overview of the PwC’s blended learning and certification approach (Introduction by PwC)

  • Getting to know the Moresteam e-learning platform by Kathy Miller from Moresteam.

  • Client experience:

    • Client experience Aliaxis by Pierre Germain Wantiez, Operational Excellence Manager EMEA.

    • Client experience Arvesta by Karin Van Roy, CHR Officer.

    • Panel discussion with PwC, Moresteam, Arvesta and Aliaxis.

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PwC Belgium

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Pierre Germain Wantiez

Operational Excellence Manager EMEA


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