Diversity and Inclusion course 2020

Are you a professional interested in building and managing a diverse and effective workforce? Take our course to develop the skills that’ll help you make your workplace more inclusive.

About PwC's Diversity and Inclusion Course

PwC’s pleased to announce the launch of a new D&I training programme for professionals and managers from any industry and company size, with an interest in building and managing a diverse and effective workforce.

Our course consists of four modules, offering you and your colleagues the opportunity to learn about how to make your workplace more inclusive for everyone. Through our interactive and pragmatic workshops animated by our PwC D&I specialists, you’ll discover practical tools and techniques backed by academic research and proven in the workplace to drive change.

Understand the business benefits of being a diverse and inclusive organisation, and the key behaviours of an Inclusive Leader to enable cultural change.

Line managers, HR and D&I professionals new into role.

Delivery approach

  • Global megatrends, shaping the world of work

  • If the world were a village of 100 people, what would it look like?

  • The consumers of today and tomorrow

  • Innovation process, how ideas are fostered and delivered

  • The correlation between team diversity and business performance
  • Talent – who’s interviewing who
  • Inclusive leadership – what that means on a daily basis

What will change?

  • Clear understanding of why D&I drives business performance

  • Leadership engagement and ownership of D&I
  • Tools to become an ambassador

Understanding what unconscious bias is, how and where it influences our decision making and how to overcome it through bias interrupters.

Line managers, recruitment professionals, HR and D&I professionals.

Delivery approach

  • Pre-work (Implicit Association Test and article reading)

  • What’s unconscious bias?

  • The roots of our personal bias

  • How bias affects our decision making

  • Tools and techniques to mitigate bias

What will change?

  • Keen awareness on how to identify and mitigate unconscious bias, with a focus on recruitment and talent management discussions

  • Challenging conversations are conducted in a non-personal way, enabling dialogue leading to better decision making processes

To provide the understanding, concepts and tools that’ll allow you to develop a strategic and practical plan to analyse and reduce the gender pay gap in your organisation.

D&I professionals, HR practitioners and compensation specialists

Delivery approach

  • The various approaches to gender pay gap determination

  • The root causes of gender pay differences

  • How the gender pay gap creeps into the employee life cycle

  • Practical approaches on how organisations can repair gender pay differences

  • Regulatory developments in Belgium and abroad


What will change?

  • Fact-based understanding of the gender pay gap 

  • Practical insights and ideas on how to assess and bridge the gender pay gap in your organisation

  • Critical thinking around the leverage and benefits you can gain from addressing the gender pay gap topic proactively

Understand the value of a data-driven approach to D&I, and develop basic analytical skills to support organisational efforts in D&I.

HR practitioners with little or no HR analytics experience wanting to take a more data-driven approach to D&I.

Delivery approach

  • Why is data analysis relevant to D&I?

  • Gathering data along the employee lifecycle

  • Demographic diversity as a lens for data analysis

  • Various examples of analyses (some of which can be run in MS Excel)

  • Reading/interpreting the results and reporting on the situation

What will change?

  • Develop a new way to look at HR data

  • Understand the importance of quantitative analyses

  • Support data-driven D&I strategic decisions

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Speaker information

Vincent Deneumostier has almost 7 years of experience working on the topics of diversity and inclusion

Vincent Deneumostier

Vincent has almost 7 years of experience working on the topics of Diversity and Inclusion.

He launched the D&I practice in Belgium and helps organisations to move forward on their D&I journey and ensure inclusion is part of organisation’s DNA. 

Prior to working at PwC, Vincent  was the Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion for a global organisation providing telecommunication services to the financial industry. He defined and implemented the change strategy to an Inclusive organization across a 3,000+ workforce in over 34 countries.

Sue Johnson has worked for almost a decade on D&I

Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson’s worked for almost a decade on D&I, both as a practitioner within a global organisation leading cultural change, and helping organisations in Europe to foster an inclusive culture. Sue’s a frequent speaker (Catalyst, United Nations Women Empowerment Principles, Women’s Forum, etc.) and a recognised, passionate thought leader on D&I topics.

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Senior Manager, PwC Belgium

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