Webinar: Process mining in financial services (recording)

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Whether it’s a loans application, car claims or trading process, there’s often a gap between how processes are intended to be and how they work in reality. Identifying, understanding and closing that gap is imperative to boost operational effectiveness and efficiency. 

Watch a process mining demo by Thierry Melotte (Senior Manager), Baudouin De Keyzer (Manager) and Karol Fabisz (Senior Associate) and learn how it can help you to:

  • gain insight into your actual end-to-end process flow (in a visual manner);
  • identify root causes for process inefficiencies, deviations and bottlenecks;
  • develop an understanding for long processes throughout time;
  • determine in which instances your process should be stopped at an early stage to save costs and avoid losing time; 
  • explore leads for process optimisation or automation;
  • generate dashboards for process monitoring.


Watch the recording

Speaker information

Senior Manager

Business process specialist with over 9 years of experience in various industries.


Data scientist in our assurance and data analytics practice, responsible for process mining technical and business developments.

Senior Associate

Experienced process miner and data analyst.

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