GDPR & SAP Round Table

How do you translate GDPR requirements to your SAP environment? Which SAP solutions can help you become and remain GDPR compliant?


The requirement to be GDPR compliant is forcing companies to scrutinise their business processes and underlying personal data streams. Because these processes are unique and involve different risks for each organisation, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution to achieving GDPR compliance.

SAP environments present specific risks that need to be taken into account during your GDPR compliance journey. SAP has already developed a portfolio of solutions to help you become and remain GDPR compliant. With deep knowledge of these solutions, PwC supports companies both in Belgium and abroad with their GDPR initiatives, making sure that SAP specific risks are dealt with in and effective and efficient manner.  

Join us for our GDPR & SAP Round Table on 12 December to discover how best to tackle GDPR in SAP environments. By interacting with PwC and SAP experts at the event, you’ll not only find out about specific SAP risks and solutions, but also have the opportunity to share experiences and lessons learnt.



When and where?

Tuesday 12 December

PwC Brussels, Woluwedal 18, 1932 Zaventem



10:00 Welcome
10:30 GDPR: the PwC approach (Pascal Tops)
10:45 GDPR requirements translated to a SAP context (Wim Rymen)
11:30 SAP solutions to support your GDPR compliance (Joshua De Giorgi)
12:30 Q&A followed by lunch


GDPR: the PwC approach – Pascal Tops, Partner Risk & Compliance (PwC)

The GDPR deadline is approaching rapidly. PwC continues to support companies in Belgium and around the globe in their GDPR initiatives, while combining a unique skillset of risk, technology and legal expertise. During an introduction, Pascal Tops, PwC Belgium’s GDPR lead Partner, will share insights into PwC’s approach towards GDPR compliance. 


How can you translate GDPR requirements to your SAP environment? – Wim Rymen, Partner SAP security & internal control (PwC)

SAP systems generally offer the possibilities and functionalities for setting up a well-controlled business environment. Similar opportunities are available for GDPR purposes, if taken into account the specific data-related risks in an SAP landscape. PwC Belgium’s SAP security & internal control Partner, Wim Rymen, will guide you through the common and less common risks and attention points faced by SAP driven companies in the context of GDPR, and will share insight on how to manage them.


Which SAP solutions can help you become and remain GDPR compliant? – Joshua De Giorgi, SAP GRC solutions lead (SAP)

SAP has continued to invest in its compliance solutions, leveraged by more and more companies, to get and remain GDPR compliant. Joshua De Giorgi, SAP GRC solutions lead, will share insights in SAP’s main solutions and their value towards GDPR compliance.  

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