Steven Vermeylen

Steven Vermeylen

Partner, PwC Belgium

Steven is a partner in the management consulting practise of PwC. Before joining PwC he worked for Accenture from 1995 to 2012. In his partner role at Accenture Steven led the supply chain management practise in Belgium (2005 - 2008). In 2008 he became the lead partner for the heavy process industry (Chemicals, Steel, Electricity Generation, etc...) in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the Netherlands.  

Currently he is on the one hand leading the industrial products industry at PwC, but on the other hand he is also combining his supply chain expertise (main focus on logistics as well as Sourcing & Procurement) assisting clients in successful global transformations. In that role he is working with clients to redesign their entire value chain leading to more efficient operating models both from a quantitative and a qualitative perspective.  

Based on his role in strategy and operations Steven has assisted several global players in the process industry in successful portfolio transformations.  

As a result companies can not only improve from a top- and/or bottom line perspective, change position on the market while increasing impact, but also improve below the EBIDTA line in order to also include the fiscal component in these transformations.



Steven has designed and implemented new business models for clients in industrial products & services, chemicals, metals, petrochemicals and utilities sectors. Projects have covered specific functional areas such as procurement, supply chain, as well as entire value chain transformations. He  focuses on the organisation, process, IT, programme and change management activities required to ensure the organisation can “live” the new operating model, so ensuring the sustainable realisation.

Contact details

Tel: +32 491 96 58 04



  • With PwC since 2012


  • Heavy process industry
  • Large (value chain) transformations
  • Strategy and operations