Investing in continuous improvement

We focus on assuring the highest quality in the services we deliver, the people we hire, the way we work, the standards of our workplace and more


Investing in continuous improvement

We focus on assuring the highest quality in the services we deliver, the people we hire, the way we work, the standards of our workplace and more

Adhering to the strictest standards

Our commitment to adhering to strict national and international quality specifications such as the International Standard on Quality Control 1 (ISQC1), a quality control laid out by IAASB (International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board) for firms that perform audits and reviews of financial statements and other assurance and related services engagements, offers comfort of the high standard of our delivery processes.

Although ISQC1 expressly relates to our financial audit services, we’ve introduced similarly strict standards to cover all services within our Assurance practice, which are proving to make the difference with clients.

This new quality framework takes us beyond compliance and focuses on how we can meet our quality objectives.

Alexis Van Bavel, Partner at PwC Belgium

Confirming the quality of our work

The quality of our services is also shown by the number of awards we win year-on-year.

  • In FY18, our revolutionary bot that uses AI and machine learning to ‘x-ray’ a business, analysing billions of data points in milliseconds, seeing what humans can’t, and applying judgement to detect anomalies in the general ledger, was named Audit Innovation of the Year’ by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

  • Our innovative Talent Sharing offering earned us the title of “Best HR Strategy & Transformation Company” in HR Excellence’s 2017 awards, for the sixth consecutive time.

  • In the 2017 edition of the Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study by a panel of Fortune 500 leaders and senior executives, PwC ranked in seventh place, up nine places on last year.

Rudy Hoskens, the PwC Belgium Partner who leads our Forensic Services was appointed Chair of Accountancy Europe’s Anti-Money Laundering Working Party

Rudy Hoskens, the PwC Belgium Partner who leads our Forensic Services, was appointed Chair of Accountancy Europe’s Anti-Money Laundering Working Party.

A trusted voice in the market

PwC engages with professional organisations, politicians and policymakers at national and European levels to be able to understand their thinking and help shape debates for the creation of fair and balanced regimes. In October 2017, Rudy Hoskens, the PwC Belgium Partner who leads our Forensic Services (Dispute Analysis & Investigations) department, was appointed Chair of Accountancy Europe’s Anti-Money Laundering Working Party.

PwC has also been tasked by the European Commission’s DG TAXUD to undertake all studies relating to tax and customs, analysing new regulations and their impact, and monitoring all aspects of their implementation.

PwC is regularly consulted by lawmakers and clients as they consider the impact of proposed and existing legislation on business and the economy. During FY18, this has been particularly notable with regards to Belgium’s Corporate Income Tax Reform Act and the Program Act, and the new legislation to opt for VAT on the rent of buildings. With in-depth knowledge of the regulations and thinking behind them, our clients trust us to help them make the right decisions for their business.


"When we say quality is the corner stone of our brand, it's more than just a slogan."

Alexis Van BavelPartner at PwC Belgium

Designing for robust data protection

To deliver a common, consistent data protection framework across the PwC Network, PwC developed a new Network Data Protection Programme (NDPP). The NDPP helps us respond to the increasing reliance of the PwC Network on a consolidated IT infrastructure, the proliferation of global applications and the increasing flow of data across borders and among firms.

Our NDPP also helped prepare PwC for the introduction of the GDPR and other territorial regulations impacting privacy.

For the GDPR, a comprehensive communication campaign was carried out across the firm to make sure that everyone is aware of what the new regulation means for our business and how we manage and store data, and importantly what their role is in helping us remain compliant. We’re also increasingly supporting the GDPR compliance efforts of clients.

Staying ahead of market trends

PwC stays ahead of market trends with many topics of interest to our clients and contacts by carrying out surveys on both national and global levels.

  • Our flagship publication, the CEO Survey records the challenges CEOs around the world are facing and their outlook going forward

  • Our second Journeys to Treasury report underscores the trust other firms have in PwC and the long-standing relationship between the four top financial industry players.

  • We followed up our well-received Industry 4.0 survey from 2017 with research into Predictive Maintenance 4.0 in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

  • We polled over 50 Belgian stakeholders across eight industries to gain insight into the potential for the commercial use of drones, resulting in a report - A drone’s eye view.

  • Our Finance Executive Survey 2018 covers the views of 125 Belgian CFOs and Financial Executive across different sectors to on implementing the latest technologies to improve the functioning of their finance organisation.
Jean-Paul Ducarme, Director at PwC Belgium, shaking the hand of Philippe Jonckheere, Head of Real Estate at Allianz Benelux SA

Trust matters

Allianz Benelux’s request that we support it in its quest to find an ideal solution for a new headquarters location was based on our proven ability to support due diligence activities on its real estate portfolio. We’d also identified the fiscal and tax implications of a number of projects.

The Allianz Benelux board opted for an approach that would minimise the risk as much as possible, while still finding the optimal solution. With no portfolio of our own to buy or sell, PwC could, unlike any broker in the market, take an entirely neutral position.

"The neutral position taken by PwC and the integrity everyone involved in the project showed helped legitimise the process and project internally. It gave our Board confidence that not only had we selected an advisor we could trust, but one that was looking to make sure we benefited from the most optimal solution for our business, in its current form and going forward," said Philippe Jonckheere, Head of Real Estate, Allianz Benelux SA.

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Annual Report of FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

PwC Belgium reports on its performance and activities during FY18, showcasing the value it adds to clients as they seek to transform their businesses.

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Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect.

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Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders.

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Digital & Innovation

Transforming businesses by reimagining the possible

We look at challenges in new ways, using fresh perspectives - and especially new technologies - to solve business issues.

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Securing the workforce of the future

People are at the heart of everything we do; those who work for PwC, the clients we serve and the partners we work with.

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Investing in continuous improvement

Quality is a topic that we focus on every single day; we make every effort to offer the highest-quality services, delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

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