Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders


Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders



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Supporting tomorrow’s corporates today

PwC plays an active role in developing start-up ecosystems around the world and supporting entrepreneurs as they work to get their ideas off the ground and build sustainable businesses. We play that role in different ways:

  • as a partner of Hub Transmission of Brussels Enterprises, Commerce and Industry (BECI) to helps its members prepare their business for sale in the coming years and complete the transaction
  • via our PwC Business Services division that supports the accounting needs of smaller businesses and start-ups, and can place a financial expert in their business within our project resource solutions offering
  • in May 2018, we signed an agreement with Antwerp Management School to undertake a three-year study on corporate venturing, helping us bring corporates and start-ups together to explore how they could innovate together
  • we share our expertise and experience with SMEs in Belgium through our partnership with UNIZO and sponsorship of its KMO of the year award
  • as a global partner of Slush, we take a start-up to its event to connect with people and help it make new potentially interesting contacts to help it move its business forward

Promoting business disruption

To decide which firm would join us at Slush in 2017, we held a competition at which 15 enterprises pitched their business idea to a panel of experts. IPee, a Belgian start-up set to revolutionise the world of sanitaryware with its use of sensor solutions to automatically flush urinals, won.

Already at our Pre-Slush event, IPee made a number of important connections that could help it make real inroads in the market. "PwC brought in interesting parties with relevant expertise and a real interest in start-ups, which made it extremely beneficial for us," says Jan Schoeters, CEO, IPee.

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"With no agenda of its own, PwC was open to help us connect with whomever we believed would be of value to us."

Bart GeraetsTechnical Director and co-founder of IPee

The human side of a deal

Family businesses also play a significant role in the Belgian economy, both in terms of creating value and employment. In looking for a new investor, Serax, a multinational player in the interior design and tableware industry, reached out to PwC.

"As a minority shareholder in the firm, I was at the same time seller and buyer, which added an additional layer of complexity and made the need for a cultural fit going forward all the more important," says Axel Van Den Bossche. "PwC managed that complexity incredibly well, decreasing possible areas of tension and assuring the comfort of all parties at all times," he adds.

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Focusing on the human side of the transaction enabled PwC to help secure Serax’s future investment partner.

A new approach to corporate responsibility (CR)

Over recent months, we’ve totally refreshed our approach to CR, outlining five priority areas that our CR programme will support. CR Ambassadors help strengthen our CR efforts and make sure that communication about initiatives reaches everyone, and they know who to reach out to with questions and ideas.


We’re dedicated to promoting education both inside and outside the firm, especially in the digital realm.

We encourage learning and success by lecturing at universities, supporting homework assistance and offering internships and work experience to disadvantaged youth.

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

We passionately support D&I in the workplace and the community. Internally, we’ve a variety of programmes in place to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

Externally, we want to build trust in society by bringing communities together through shared activities.

Challenge of digital unemployment

We seek to arm those entering the workforce with the digital skills they’ll need to succeed in their careers.

We work with high schools, universities and training institutions to provide comprehensive IT training for students and job seekers.


We aim to work sustainably to reduce our carbon footprint. From going paperless to driving reduced-emissions cars and favouring virtual meetings over travel, we’re constantly looking at new and innovative ways to respect the planet.

Responsible business and entrepreneurship

It’s important that we run our business, and in turn help clients run theirs, responsibly. That means supporting our clients’ CR activities and fostering entrepreneurship through initiatives like offering pro bono services, De Startersfabriek, VentureLab and more.

Caring for the world around us

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious target to reduce our paper consumption by half by October 2018. By the end of the fiscal year, we’d already lowered the number of sheets used per person to 4,022, compared to 5,406 prior year.

We strive to collect and reuse water where possible and in FY18 were able to increase the amount of water recuperated to 2,243 m3 from 1,764 m3 in FY17. Our fleet renewal programme saw  700 cars being swapped, which helped us substantially reduce our CO2 production to 3.011 million kg (down from 4.872 million in FY17).

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Annual Report of FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

PwC Belgium reports on its performance and activities during FY18, showcasing the value it adds to clients as they seek to transform their businesses.

Griet Helsen and Axel Smits at CBC in Brussels


Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect.

PwC employers at community days event


Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders.

Axel Smits talking at PDM18 event

Digital & Innovation

Transforming businesses by reimagining the possible

We look at challenges in new ways, using fresh perspectives - and especially new technologies - to solve business issues.

Audry Corbusier at Experience Centre in Brussels


Securing the workforce of the future

People are at the heart of everything we do; those who work for PwC, the clients we serve and the partners we work with.

Guillaume Jamart showing tablet to Ina Efremova


Investing in continuous improvement

Quality is a topic that we focus on every single day; we make every effort to offer the highest-quality services, delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

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