Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect


Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect

The importance of trust

Building trust with clients and becoming their trusted advisor is at the heart of our extensive efforts to enhance client proximity. The crucial role that trust between parties plays is something that Ronnie Leten, former head of Atlas Copco and current Chairman of the Boards of Ericsson and Epiroc, and a board member of SKF, fully agrees with.

“For companies to work effectively together, there needs to be trust. For me, there are two types of trust: trust on a personal level, whether or not two parties can work together, if their values are aligned. You also have to have trust in your partner’s capabilities and experience, that they’ll be able to support you in the way you need." He believes that you find both kinds of trust, with PwC.

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Portrait shot of Ronnie Leten, Chairman of the board Ericsson, at our Partners Directors and Managers Meeting 2018 (PDM18)

Starting from clients’ strategic agenda

All our events start from the premise of a client’s strategic agenda and how we can add value to their business around specific topics. This approach helps clients gain greater value from the experience and is well received. In January 2018, we held a successful session for financial experts on AI and RPA, and their value to and impact on finance and accounting.

Similarly, we held an event dedicated to AI in the Insurance sector. Players in the Real Estate industry joined us for an interactive session on VAT in April following the announced introduction of the option to apply VAT on immovable rent in Belgium, indicating our role as a trusted advisor to firms looking to keep up with and embrace regulatory changes.

Coming up in FY19 is a series of Finance of the future events where we’ll be sharing our expertise and leadership in digital services in the Finance function with Chief Finance Officers (CFOs) from different industries.

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution is all about working alongside and guiding clients through their entire value chain.

Creating an inimitable PwC Experience

Events like those outlined above help us create the exceptional and inimitable PwC Experience we strive to offer clients whenever they interact with us. In our Brussels office, we’ve created a new state-of-the-art Client Executive Suite on our sixth floor where we welcome clients.

The Suite also features a first-class restaurant. Our reception area in Brussels has also been extended to enable visitors to enjoy our new Hangout area where they can eat, chat and interact with staff.

Fernand Dimidschstein from Strategy& Belgium talking to Marc Raisière, CEO of Belfius

Serving clients’ strategic needs

PwC’s Strategy& brand is now well established in the Belgian market and is helping us serve clients’ strategic needs. Since its introduction, it’s grown quickly and above expectations. The team now counts 21 strategic specialists. While to date we’ve primarily focused on the Financial Services sector, we’re investing heavily in non-FS Strategic Consulting, bringing in new expertise to expand the team.

More than only offering strategic analysis and advice, we stay with clients as they seek to implement our high-quality solutions, delivering end-to-end support that covers all aspects to help them transform and grow their business for the future.

Taking a tailored approach to international growth

Having the right people in the right place locally - PwC has six regional offices - is a key reason that some clients choose to work with PwC, particularly smaller enterprises like CADskills. It required a partner to support its international expansion to secure profitable growth.

Following recommendations about the quality and extent of the services PwC delivers, CADskills reached out to us for help. With deep financial expertise, we were able to devise a well-thought-out plan to help CADskills acquire the capital it needed to grow.

"PwC took time to really listen to us and understand our business and ambitions. Far from a standard package, together, we’ve created a step-by-step process specifically for our business that’ll help us achieve the global expansion we’re looking for," noted Peter Vanwonterghem, CEO, CADskills.

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PwC’s support for CADskills sees it accelerate its introduction to the international market in a sustainable way.

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Annual Report of FY18

Serving clients from Strategy through Execution

PwC Belgium reports on its performance and activities during FY18, showcasing the value it adds to clients as they seek to transform their businesses.

Griet Helsen and Axel Smits at CBC in Brussels


Delivering an inimitable PwC Experience

Listening and responding to clients needs, and working side by side to deliver the high-quality output they expect.

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Playing our role in the world of tomorrow

We care for the environment and communities around us, and seek to support the ambitions of future leaders.

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Digital & Innovation

Transforming businesses by reimagining the possible

We look at challenges in new ways, using fresh perspectives - and especially new technologies - to solve business issues.

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Securing the workforce of the future

People are at the heart of everything we do; those who work for PwC, the clients we serve and the partners we work with.

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Investing in continuous improvement

Quality is a topic that we focus on every single day; we make every effort to offer the highest-quality services, delivered in the most effective and efficient way.

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