Serving clients from Strategy through Execution.

Delivering holistic solutions

With a broad range of service offerings and expertise all under one roof, we serve clients from Strategy through Execution; guiding and working with them throughout their entire value chain. We achieve this by truly listening to the issues they face, working to understand their business context and combining our competencies in a tailor-made way to deliver true holistic solutions. 

And we’re continually adding to those competencies. In September 2018, we joined forces with Human Interface Group that has deep expertise in user experience (UX) in digital products and services. In April 2019, we acquired ABSI, a well-established systems integrator focused on Salesforce, an online solution for customer relationship management (CRM).

With a broad range of service offerings and expertise all under one roof, we serve clients from Strategy through Execution

It’s all about alliances

In addition to boosting our competencies, PwC has built a balanced “cloud- first” alliance portfolio of leading technology companies, each supporting our customers’ ambitions to drive digital transformation. These include Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Google, among others.

By collaborating and innovating together, we create additional value for clients. And as Life Sciences is an area of particular focus for PwC, in FY19 we entered a strategic partnership with, a dynamic, member-driven organisation that organises networking and training activities to support the internationalisation of players in the Life Sciences ecosystem, as well as lobbying services and expertise.

Talking global tax with SAP S/4HANA ERP solution

Talking global tax

We’ve worked with SAP to evolve its SAP S/4HANA ERP solution to also meet the needs of tax executives as tax becomes an increasingly pertinent part of companies’ digital transformation efforts. "There are many opportunities for PwC to help us expand our product portfolio to market to help companies manage tax and to deliver real added value to customers," he adds. With PwC’s support, SAP’s developed a number of solutions specifically for global tax management.

"SAP solutions for tax management help companies manage indirect tax consistently and cost-effectively, enabling CFOs to adapt to rapidly changing regulations around the world," explains Sridhar Sundaram, Lead for Customer and Partner success for SAP Globalisation Services. With the solutions and value proposition now developed jointly by the two firms, they’re now being translated into customer success, again with each partner leveraging its capabilities. 

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Calling for co-creation

It’s not just via formal alliances that PwC collaborates with third parties, we also do so to assure the relevance of our research and make sure we take a broad approach to the different topics we consider. Our annual well-respected Paying Taxes report is created in cooperation with the World Bank Group.

In May, we also reported the results of our Unleashing the potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Belgian industry research, in collaboration with Agoria and Sirris. To discover the relevance of the results of PwC’s Global Family Business Survey 2018 in Belgium, we spoke with local market players like Varo, a family firm with more than 60 years’ experience in the worldwide distribution of do-it-yourself materials.

Being smart at going global

With the intention of growing outside of the Belgian market, Varo revamped its business model to expand from simply a distributor of other brands to launching its own private label, a move that Jeroen Nys, CEO of Varo, describes as "not only opening the door to international business, but was our only means of survival."

Going global meant that Varo needed to understand and deal with tax requirements, among others, in other countries, something that its local accounting firm didn’t have the resources to manage. That’s why he reached out to a professional services firm with the expertise and resources to help. He opted to partner with PwC because he "felt there would be a good click. In business it’s personal relationships that matter the most. Especially with a family business such as ours where personal and professional finances are intertwined."

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Being smart at going Global - Jeroen Nys, CEO of Varo

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Substantiating strategies

Seeking to transform its business and find the most appropriate themes to invest in for the city, finance &, the Brussels regional investment company that facilitates and completes the financial value chain in Brussels to help companies grow and develop, reached out to Strategy&. "Strategy& has a substantial database of pertinent information and specifically good references in the analysis of smart cities. It’s useful for us to know what themes other similar cities invest in to compare and benchmark our approach," explains Pierre Hermant, CEO, finance &

"We want to build a project for the Brussels region, but not one developed by just one institution, so we sought to validate discoveries with other enterprises too. In this context, Strategy& played an important role," Pierre Hermant says. Once validated, the results were presented to the government. “Having the stamp of PwC and Strategy& on the analysis was key," says Pierre Hermant. 

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Augmenting our use of automation

Leveraging our PwC Europe Network, we’re making a significant transition in our use of automation. A number of robots are already in place and there are plans for the implementation of more complex automation processes for financial statements. Using technologies in this way is totally transforming the role of auditor.

TLS is also looking into the role greater automation and our service delivery centres (SDCs) could play as an additional resource to make sure we continue to meet client needs and the practice is looking on a global scale at how tools and processes can be transformed via automation.

Our Advisory practice also calls on SDCs for data & analytics support for implementations of Salesforce, Workday, SAP and other technology solutions and it’s expanding the SDC remit to include more value-adding activities such as design work, as well as looking to automate repetitive tasks and run operational activities on behalf of clients, reducing the cost and leaving them to focus more on their core business.


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Taking a centralised approach

Seeking to create value for its customers by creating synergies between the Group’s entities, the BESIX Group, that’s grown into a multidisciplinary company that leads in its markets: construction, property development and concessions, looked to PwC to help in bringing its decentralised procurement processes together in a more uniform and harmonious way. BESIX felt that bringing its financial flows together, it’d be better placed to negotiate with suppliers.

"That’s one of the main goals we wanted to put in place with PwC. We’ve been learning from PwC how to do that," Jan Gesquière,the Group’s CFO, notes. He adds, "We’ve not had the attitude to do that before as we were more organised by project. This is one of the very positive elements PwC brings to the project."

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