Alert impersonation fraud

PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium has become aware of a fraud which attempts to extract funds from companies and organisations by impersonating both a senior executive within the organisation and a person from PwC.   

The method used by the fraudsters is:

1. A member of the company’s finance team receives an email, similar to the one below, claiming to be an email from a lawyer from PwC.


“From: Lawyer PwC (mailto:[ABC]

To: [Member of Finance team/Finance Director/CFO]

Subject: Invoice PwC


Please find attached an invoice for our services of today.

Kind regards,



PricewaterhouseCoopers Belgium



2. The finance team member then receives a phone call shortly afterwards from an individual claiming to be the PwC person specified in the email. This individual instructs the finance team member to make a fund transfer to an account for which details will be supplied.

3. The finance team member then receives an email similar to the one below, claiming to be an internal email from a senior executive such as the Managing Director/CEO with the lawyer from the first email in Cc.

“From: [Name of CEO/Managing Director] (mailto:[ABC]

To: [Member of Finance team/Finance Director/CFO]

Cc: Lawyer PwC (mailto:[ABC]

Subject: Confidential File

I have assigned you to manage this confidential transaction.

This is a strictly confidential financial operation, which takes priority over other tasks.

Have you already been contacted by [name and title of person] from PwC?

This is very sensitive, we have to make sure we do not infringe FSMA regulations.




4. If the finance team member replies to any of the emails, the fraudster will continue the email chain possibly supplying additional details of further bank accounts to which payments should be made.

The following domains have so far been associated with this scam (although there may be others): …, …, … and … Please note these domains are fake and not linked to PwC and any communications using these domains should be treated with suspicion.

We recommend that you speak with your finance teams to ensure they are aware of this fraud. Should you be the subject of an attempted fraud, you may wish to that report the incident to the Federal Judicial Police unit (Federale Gerechtelijke Politie /Police Judiciaire Fédérale). Please find your local contact on the website or .

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