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Questions about Assistants and Support staff:

Marie Goossens

Recruitment Expert

+32 2 710 42 83


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Questions about Project resource solutions & SME accounting

Marie Van der Donckt

Recruitment expert

+ 32 3 287 83 90


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Questions about Internal Firm Services (Finance, HQ, Marketing & Communications, General Services, HR, ICT, Knowledge Centre), Corporate Tax, International tax, Transfer Pricing, M&A, Personal Tax, Indirect Tax or Tax Accounting Services :

Katelijne Berré

HR Account Manager

+32 2 71076 60


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Questions about Technology & Cyber Security services:

Daisy Beysen

Senior Recruiter

+32 2 710 46 99


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Questions about Tax & Legal services

Julie Obraniak

Recruitment Expert

+32 2 7109659


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Questions about Assurance:

Ferdaous Lahrichi

Senior Recruiter

+32 2 7107520


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Questions about Advisory - Management Consulting Finance - Management Consulting Operations - Deals:

Adrien Borisavljevic

Senior Recruiter

+32 2 7104208


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