The EU Referendum

A majority of the UK public has voted to leave the EU which will have significant implications for business

What's happening now? Our related thought leadership and expert opinions help you better understand the impact of Brexit on your business.

What about the movement of people and employment?

Brexit will also have a huge impact on the freedom of movement of people and immigration for both employees and employers

Read what Brexit means for freedom of movement and immigration:

For your employees    -   For your employers

One year ago the UK voted to leave the European Union. In the year that followed events have continued to surprise: from economic shocks that didn’t materialise to political messages that shocked. Downside risks have slimmed but remain present.


Possible consequences for Belgium’s retailers?

Brexit will have considerable economic implications for Belgium as trade with the UK is significant

However, consequences will differ per sector as some sectors are more sensitive to the move.

Discover the potential impact on the retail and consumer sector and the five key areas you should bear in mind when navigating the uncertainty over the coming period of negotiations.

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