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Do you want to help making education fit for today's and tomorrow's job market?

Unleashing the power of educational data

In the framework of Action 10 (‘Artificial Intelligence & Analytics’) of the 2018 Digital Education Action Plan, the European Commission started exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning analytics in education to help to predict skills shortages and support education systems to respond to skills needs and trends. 

As part of this effort, the Commission is supporting the development of two publicly available online services supporting higher education institutions interested in improving their educational programmes.

These services will provide valuable insights for education policy, and will allow higher education institutions to adapt to labour market needs and AI breakthroughs in specific economic sectors. This could massively help to predict skills shortages for the future and support education systems to develop targeted educational offers.

To make this a reality, we need your help to gather insights on the needs of the higher education sector and the course descriptions of different higher education programmes in Europe.

Do you want to help making education fit for today's and tomorrow's job market?

The two online services

The skills & education matchmaking tool

The skills & education matchmaking tool

This service will link the skills acquired in specific educational programmes to those required by specific jobs in the labour market. The final online service could help to visualise what jobs specific programmes can lead to and identify what programmes best respond to the skills needed by specific jobs.

Technology watch for education

Technology watch for education

This service will help identify what AI aspects or topics should be part of a broader higher education program in order to address current technological breakthroughs. The goal of the online application will be to understand what aspects of AI higher education institutions could include in their programmes to address technological breakthroughs in specific economic sectors

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
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I believe Europe can successfully manage the transformation into the digital age, if we build on our strengths and values.[…]The best investment in our future is the investment in our people. Skills and education drive Europe’s competitiveness and innovation.

Ursula von der Leyen,
President of the European Commission

The process to make it happen

The process to make it happen, capture data

Capture data

We will collect: 

  • Bachelor and master course descriptions from Higher Education Institutions 

  • Patents 

  • Private publications

  • Job vacancies 

  • Corporate whitepapers

The process to make it happen, connect data

Connect data

We will use AI and Learning Analytics to connect education with labour market needs. 

The process to make it happen: use data

Use data

You will use the two online services according to your specific needs.

How will higher education institutions benefit from these online services? 

Improve your educational programme

Knowing which skills are in higher demand in the job market or in the future job market will allow you to adapt your curricula more efficiently and effectively. 

Help students choose studies

New students interested in studying in your institution can have a clear overview of the skills matching their interests, and allowing you to highlight the benefits of your programmes.

Differentiate in a competitive environment

Comparing courses and programmes across Higher Education Institutions and see how other institutions answer to skills needs, to differentiate yourself from other institutions and attract more students. 


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