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March 2015

  • Corporate taxation in the global offshore shipping industry
  • Recovery measure providing for specific aid for economically disrupted zones
  • Rising to your challenges
  • Belgian tonnage taxation company also subject to 16,5% (33% on 50%) withholding on charter fees paid to beneficiaries in “tax havens”
  • Airport operators' quest for efficiency

December 2014

  • Transactions between head office and branch are subject to VAT if head office or branch is part of a VAT group
  • Lower employer contributions for companies investing and creating new jobs in support areas where mass layoffs have occurred (steunzones, zones d’aide)
  • Intersections Q2 2014: Transportation and logistics industry mergers and acquisitions analysis
  • Navigating your way to calmer waters? Shipping sector briefing
  • PwC’s Global & Belgian Economic Crime Survey 2014: Transportation & Logistics insights

June 2014

  • Government extends the provision of the 2012 Special Finance Act on joint and several liability for salaries to the road transport and logistics industry
  • New optional VAT Regime comes into force for foreign passenger transport service providers
  • Global VAT Representatives to be able to ask for exemption from joint and several liabilities for VAT
  • The Belgian shipping association VEA/CEB hails VAT agreement with tax authorities
  • PwC contributes to the UK’s Freight Transport Association’s annual report
  • Intersections Q1 2014

March 2014

  • 17th Annual CEO Survey – Capitalising on global trends
  • Still battling the storm - Global Shipping Benchmarking Analysis 2013
  • Reducing risks through direct representation
  • The ‘new normal’ for airport investment
  • Intersections Q4 2013: transportation and logistics industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

December 2013

  • Africa gearing up – is Africa the next land of economic opportunity?
  • Are you working with self-employed persons?
  • Intra-Community supplies – required proof for VAT exemption
  • Global merger and acquisition activity in the T&L industry

September 2013

  • Next-generation supply chains: Efficient, fast and tailored
  • Find out what Flanders has to offer logistics companies
  • Tonnage tax scheme for maritime transport
  • VAT updates
  • Global T&L Mergers & Acquisitions analysis Q1 2013

March 2013

  • Annual Global CEO Survey – T&L key findings
  • VAT updates
  • Global T&L Mergers & Acquisitions analysis

October 2012

  • Tax ruling on real estate at airports
  • Global Shipping benchmark 2012
  • Have you ever thought about cooperation?
  • Clobal T&L Mergers & Acquisitions analysis

June 2012

  • Transportation & logistics 2030 survey
  • Global transportation and logistics Merger & Acquisitions analysis: Q1 2012

January 2012

  • 15th Annual Global CEO Survey
  • Global Shipping Benchmark Analysis 2011
  • PwC Belgium offers a broader range of supply chain expertise
  • IFRS guidelines – Revenue recognition re-exposed
  • Intersections, Global T&L Transactions analysis Q4 2011


July 2011

  • T&L 2030: Securing the supply chain
  • Risk Management
  • Port Value Management
  • M&A analysis Q1 2011

March 2011

  • Global annual CEO survey: T&L industry summary
  • Future of world trade
  • M&A analysis Q4 2010: Tax implications of expanding into a VISTA country

January 2011

  • Refinancing your business activities
  • Do you have a clear view on all the risks your organisation is facing today?
  • Recent publications

October 2010

  • EU Regulation 883/2004 on Social Security and its Implementing Regulation 987/2009: important changes and interpretations
  • New IFRS exposure draft on lease accounting
  • Transport services and the VAT Package – quo Vadis?
  • T&L 2030 – Volume 3 – Emerging Markets – New hubs
  • Making smarter deals in a changing environment: merger integration
  • T&L – Sector Climate change responses
  • Move Forward – PwC's Belgian Logistics & Post capability statement