Transfer pricing documentation

Tax authorities worldwide are imposing new, stricter documentation requirements on companies in relation to their transfer pricing arrangements

Are you scrambling to keep up and escape significant penalties?


Your documentation challenges

  • In the past, you have prepared your transfer pricing documentation on a piecemeal basis, without coordinating it across jurisdictions
  • You tend to duplicate data-collection efforts
  • Your transfer pricing reports clash with one another and with the group’s overall needs


Tackling a new world of transfer pricing compliance

Together with us, you can develop global transfer pricing documentation and defence files that meet your needs. 

Our Global Core Documentation™ involves preparing a global core dossier containing common, background information that can be shared among your territories. Each then incorporates this globally coordinated core data into its separate country report with the support of our team.




July 2013

OECD White Paper on Transfer Pricing Documentation proposes coordinated approach based on a two-tier structure. Download the pdf  |  Read PwC's comments

Transfer pricing documentation in Belgium

While Belgium doesn’t have any formal transfer pricing documentation requirements, it has endorsed the principles laid down in the EU Code of Conduct

This means that the best advice we can give you, as our client, is to prepare up-front transfer pricing documentation. That way, if you are audited, you're under less pressure to meet the often short deadlines for providing transfer pricing information.