Whether you’re a multinational corporation or a high-net-worth individual, fast and effective migration capabilities are key to your success in today’s global marketplace.

We have a team of immigration and relocation experts that can provide the up-to-date immigration advice you need.

Your challenges

You are in need of:

  • expatriate immigration services
  • a review of your social security status (exemptions, E101/certificate of coverage, local contributions)
  • a review of your contractual arrangements
  • compliance with prior notification duty (Limosa)
  • advice regarding your personal tax status (via our HRS tax colleagues)

How PwC can help you

Our team of immigration professionals advise international organisations as well as entrepreneurs and private clients, providing you with:

  • advice on immigration law and permit categories worldwide
  • assistance with work and residence permits/visa applications including following up extensions
  • applications for professional cards for self-employed foreign nationals
  • assistance relating to residence issues
  • strategic planning for start-ups
  • tax, social security and labour law advice in the framework of international mobility
  • drafting assignment letters and contracts of employment for assignees, together with mobility policies
  • outsourcing immigration specialists
  • client training
  • auditing corporate compliance with immigration policies
  • citizenship and permanent residence applications

On request, we can provide a single, dedicated team with a full overview of your situation who make maximum use of the available information (e.g. combined immigration and tax questionnaires). This is why our Indian, US, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other clients often use PwC as their sole point of contact with the authorities.

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