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10 Jul 2015

Strong European IPO activity in Q2 helped by spin-offs but competing with trade sales

PwC anticipates the summer period to be slower than we saw in 2014 as the dust settles on the Greek referendum Read more

07 May 2015

PwC expands Belgian presence to Hasselt

Corda Campus is an ideal location from which to provide professional advice and support to entrepreneurs in Limburg Read more

23 Apr 2015

PwC officially opens new office in Ghent

PwC celebrates the official opening of its new office on the Ghelamco site in Ghent. Taken into service at the beginning of 2015, the offices in the Blue Towers now host roughly 200 people from PwC’s audit, tax and consulting services in a brand new building a stone’s throw away from the Ghelmaco Arena football stadium. Read more

10 Apr 2015

Strongest first IPO quarter since dotcom boom in Q1 2000

Q1 2015 saw €16.4bn of IPO proceeds in Europe, the strongest start for 15 years. Read more

19 Mar 2015

Evolution of IT security among Belgian companies

PwC's Information Security Breaches Survey analyses how Belgian business manage cyber-risks Read more

03 Mar 2015

China M&A activity reaches record levels in 2014

Technology, consumer-related and financial services were important sectors, but real estate remained the biggest single sector by value. State and Private Owned Enterprises go after different targets overseas. Read more

05 Feb 2015

Key human capital trends in Belgium

While labour productivity has increased, high costs are weighing down on the human capital return on investment (HC ROI). Read more

22 Jan 2015

Five new Partners at PwC

Last summer PwC Belgium appointed five new Partners: Griet Helsen, Isabelle Rasmont, Jorgen Broothaers, Didier Vandenhaute and Lionel Van Reet. These appointments go hand in hand with the steady development of the organisation and will reinforce the high quality service offered to the firm’s clients. Read more

11 Dec 2014

European governments need to regain citizens’ trust in public finances

According to a new ICAEW-PwC report, the majority of European citizens struggle to assess and understand the state of the public finances, believing their government doesn’t provide sufficient information. Read more

05 Dec 2014

2014 Reward Barometer reveals that half of all respondents perceive their reward package undervalues their efforts

2014 Reward Barometer reveals that half of all respondents perceive their reward package undervalues their efforts Read more

28 Oct 2014

PwC and Google announce joint business relationship

PwC and Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL) today announced the launch of a joint business relationship to bring new and innovative services to companies around the world. Read more

10 Oct 2014

Reduction of social security contributions to 25%: crucial issue for competitiveness of Belgian businesses

Comparison with some neighbouring countries makes it possible to assess impact of proposed reduction of employers’ social security contributions relative to Belgium’s competitiveness Read more

10 Oct 2014

PwC family business survey shows need to ‘professionalise’ the family as well as the business

Family businesses must adapt faster, innovate sooner and become more professional in the way they run their operations if they are to remain successful. These are just some of the findings of the latest PwC survey of 2,378 family business executives in more than 40 countries worldwide. Read more

09 Oct 2014

Choppy outlook for European IPO market

IPO activity in Europe has almost quadrupled compared to last year, with €40.3 billion raised by 289 companies in the 9 months to September 2014 Read more

06 Oct 2014

Wanted: 350 game changers for PwC

PwC launched its new recruitment campaign today. By September next year the firm is looking to hire 350 new staff in Belgium. Read more

01 Oct 2014

Modernising government accounting in Europe

PwC conducted a study on behalf of the European Commission on the future implementation of European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS) by the EU member states. Discover the key conclusions here. Read more

21 Aug 2014

The economic impact of banking regulations in Belgium

Post-crisis banking regulation carries a cost for the Belgian economy but should lead to greater financial stability Read more

12 Aug 2014

PwC and SHASAT to collaborate to offer IPSAS courses

As of October 2014, PwC is proud to join hands with SHASAT, an international training organisation, to offer IPSAS training workshops in seven major cities of the world. Read more

10 Jul 2014

Q2 European IPO performance quadruples to €22.3bn year on year

Best Q2 for European IPOs since 2007, with 145 IPOs raising €22.3bn. Read more

24 Jun 2014

Shortcomings in public finance accounting across EU pose risks to the public interest

Shortcomings in accounting, reporting and financial reporting within much of the public sector in Europe are a major risk for the sustainability of public finances in many European countries. Discover ten insights in a joined PwC-ICAEW report. Read more

05 Jun 2014

World Cup home advantage boost for Brazil

As hosts Brazil prepare to kick off the FIFA World Cup in Sao Paulo on Thursday June 12th, PwC has turned to ‘econometrics’ in a bid to determine success and failure at this major sporting event. Read more

23 May 2014

Regulatory ‘overkill’ could damage banks and hold back recovery

‘Banana Skins’ poll identifies top threats to global and Belgian banks Read more

22 May 2014

Executive Talent expert Michel Deboeck to lead team of experienced consultants

PwC further expands its HR Management services in the Belgian market and has appointed Michel Deboeck to launch its latest service offering: Executive Talent Services (ETS). Michel Deboeck is a renowned expert on executive HR services whose reputation extends internationally. Read more

25 Apr 2014

Automatic data exchange with US has huge impact on Belgian financial institutions

Multinational enterprises underestimate impact of FATCA Read more

15 Apr 2014

The family business generation gap

The transition from one generation to the next can make or break a family business; and as the ‘baby boomers’ hand over to the ‘millennials’, the risks of getting it wrong have never been greater. Read more

09 Apr 2014

PwC expects surge in European IPOs to continue

Q1 2014 European IPO proceeds of €11.4bn exceed first quarters of previous four years combined Read more

03 Apr 2014

PwC completes its acquisition of Booz & Company

PwC is pleased to announce today the successful completion of its combination with Booz & Company. Read more

02 Apr 2014

Shortfall looming on Brussels' office market?

The Brussels office market offers interesting investment opportunities. The public sector in particular is a taker of new buildings. But a number of obstacles have first to be removed. Read more

27 Mar 2014

4 in 5 global CEOs rank technology a top priority

But only 1 in 5 companies claim an excellent Digital IQ Read more

26 Mar 2014

2013 European IPO proceeds rocket by 135% to EUR 26.5 billion

Average European deal size more than doubled Read more

04 Mar 2014

PwC’s European Cities Hotel Forecast expects growth in 2014 and 2015

European cities rejuvenated by economic recovery Read more

25 Feb 2014

Social media, mobile come of age with shoppers around the world

59% of internet shoppers said they followed favourite brands or retailers via social media, 41% bought products through a tablet or a smartphone. Read more

21 Feb 2014

Global assets under management to exceed $100 trillion by 2020

PwC predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 6% Read more

19 Feb 2014

PwC survey finds 50% of Belgian respondents reported economic crime

Theft and cybercrime are the most reported types of crime in this year’s survey Read more

31 Jan 2014

Home advantage could see russia slide up the winter olympics medals table

PwC study seeks to benchmark Sochi medals tally Read more

29 Jan 2014

Deal momentum in power and renewables sector shifts to the upside

Return to an upward trend in 2014 Read more

28 Jan 2014

The IPCC ‘carbon budget’ to 2100 will be used up by 2034 according to PwC analysis

Results show carbon budget limits are now being incorporated into the planning cycle of major infrastructure and business investment decisions, increasing the risk of stranded assets Read more

21 Jan 2014

CEOs’ Confidence Rises for 2014

Twice as Many Say Global Economy to Improve; 39% Strongly Predict Company Growth. Worries about over-regulation, fiscal deficits, tax policy higher than ever Read more

13 Jan 2014

As forecast by PwC, numerous companies are not ready to switch over to SEPA on 1 February 2014

The European Commission has been forced to give them a few more months, but the risk of a crisis this summer remains. Read more

23 Dec 2013

PwC and Booz & Company combination is approved by Booz & Company Partners

Transaction expected to conclude in March 2014 subject to completion of regulatory approvals Read more

20 Dec 2013

Wealth managers have to regain their clients’ confidence

Since 2008 and the outbreak of the worldwide financial and economic crisis, the wealth management sector has been severely shaken and managers now have the task of regaining their clients’ confidence. Read more

19 Dec 2013

Belgian companies lag behind in use of GRC technology

PwC: “Lack of automation leads to missed opportunities and sometimes even fraud” Read more

18 Dec 2013

Companies under pressure over price

Shaky consumer confidence, stiff competition and increased transparency offered by the internet are forcing organisations to reappraise how they price their goods and services. Read more

03 Dec 2013

PwC once again selected for MAKE Award

Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) study ranks PwC 5th Read more

25 Nov 2013

Belgian elected Chair of ISAR group at the UN

International cooperation on standards for accounting, auditing, corporate governance and sustainability reporting Read more

12 Nov 2013

Reward Barometer from PwC and ISW Limits helps businesses adjust their remuneration policy to meet the needs of employees

32% of employees are dissatisfied when it comes to flexibility at work Read more

31 Oct 2013

PwC names three new Managing Partners

Continued focus on lasting client relationships and talent development Read more

30 Oct 2013

PwC and Booz & Company announce signing of conditional merger agreement

The proposed transaction is conditional on approval by Booz & Company partners and regulatory approval Read more

29 Oct 2013

PwC and Vlerick cooperate to unleash the strategic potential of SCM

Joint research into how supply chain management contributes to profitable growth Read more

22 Oct 2013

Smart taxation can relieve congestion

“Road pricing has to be a fair deal for road users” Read more

15 Oct 2013

PwC Named a Leader in Dispute Advisory & Analysis and Forensic Investigations by Kennedy

PwC US is one of a few firms that was recognised as a Vanguard firm in both areas in the Kennedy Consulting Research & Advisory’s “Forensics & Dispute Advisory” report. Read more

14 Oct 2013

PwC announces growth in Belgium of almost 5% in FY13

Growth in Belgium significantly stronger than European average for PwC amid challenging markets and circumstances Read more

07 Oct 2013

IPO proceeds year to date in 2013 have already topped 2012 total, providing continued optimism for a healthy pipeline

IPO proceeds increased over eight times in Q3 2013 in comparison to Q3 2012 Read more

07 Oct 2013

Innovative study provides first fact-based method for estimating direct cost of corruption in public procurement in the EU

In a study entitled ‘Identifying and Reducing Corruption in Public Procurement in the EU’ PwC EU Services, together with Ecorys and the University of Utrecht, give the first-ever estimate based on objective data of the cost of corruption in public procurement in the EU and in the sectors that receive EU funding. Read more

04 Oct 2013

Looking for talent

‘Move forward’ roadshows kick off PwC’s new recruitment campaign Read more

18 Sep 2013

PwC moves part of its legal services to a new law firm

Law Square: offering multidisciplinary legal services in close cooperation with PwC’s international network Read more

02 Sep 2013

Failing to prepare for SEPA may cause severe cash flow problems

It's time for a back-up plan
One in three companies is still at risk of not being ready for the upcoming SEPA deadline, according to a new PwC report. Read more

31 Jul 2013

David Szafran, Honorary Secretary General of IBR/IRE, joins PwC as Director

PwC is delighted to welcome David Szafran to its ranks as Director of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs. Read more

30 Jul 2013

Guaranteed interest products top Belgian insurance sector risks

Worldwide ‘Banana Skins’ survey by CFSI and PwC pinpoints key concerns for insurers

The greatest risk currently facing the Belgian insurance industry comes from life insurance products which offer guaranteed returns, according to the latest Insurance Banana Skins survey which ranks insurance sector risks.

 Read more

17 Jul 2013

Deal flow between India and Europe positioned to grow, says PwC

India remains at the top of investors’ lists of target markets, and Indian investors are leaders among emerging market buyers for western companies.The report “India deals: taking stock of the tiger” focuses on the two-way M&A flows between India and Europe, drawing on an analysis of the deals from the last seven years. Read more

04 Jul 2013

European IPO markets continue to build momentum

  • Second strongest quarter since Q3 2011
  • London tops the quarter again with almost half of overall proceeds raised
  • Private equity-backed IPOs continued to dominate and accounted for almost 60% of proceeds raised
 Read more

18 Jun 2013

Big business is taking action to make reporting fit for the reality of business today

As public sentiment towards business practices remains highly distrusting, some of the globe's largest and most influential companies and investors have come together in a bid to promote more open and useful business reporting. Read more

12 Jun 2013

Tax Freedom Day® falls on 14 June, just as last year

PwC: “And why not reduce corporate income tax rate to 3 or 4%?”Tax Freedom Day®, the symbolic day when each Belgian stops paying tax and starts working for his own account falls this year, just as last year, on 14 June. Read more

14 May 2013

Momentum growing for better public accounting and reporting

PwC surveys central governments in 100 countries
Governments around the world are increasingly taking steps to improve their accounting and achieve greater transparency - amidst growing recognition that the accounting framework traditionally used by the public sector isn’t fit for the 21st century. Read more

19 Apr 2013

The growing ranks of companies backing the enhanced reporting drive

The International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), a global coalition of investors, companies, regulators, standard setters and the accounting profession, has opened a 90-day consultation on a framework which it is hoped will enhance corporate reporting. Read more

05 Apr 2013

IPO activity marches on – is this the return of the UK domestic IPO?

A surge in floats of private equity-backed companies in March 2013 may be the first signs of a recovery in the European IPO market. Read more

03 Apr 2013

Modest growth expected for European hotels in 2013

Brussels hotel sector contracts slightly but still performs above average for past 10 years Read more

21 Mar 2013

PwC Belgium recognised as #1 employer for learning and development by Randstad

Also ranked among the top 20 most popular employers, leading the Big Four Read more

15 Mar 2013

CEOs view tax hikes as the biggest damper on economic recovery

Government’s role as a stakeholder has a major influence on business strategy Read more

04 Mar 2013

Cautious optimism in the European real estate market

Available in French and Dutch only
Last year’s negative sentiment in the European commercial real estate market linked to doubts over the future of the Euro and a lack of access to financing should give way to cautious optimism over the course of 2013. Read more

26 Feb 2013

Working capital management: never been better

The largest European companies have never been better at managing their working capital and UK companies are the most efficient, a new PwC study shows. Benelux companies have been slightly more efficient compared to their neighbours. Read more

21 Feb 2013

Generation change is the biggest concern for family businesses

Attracting and keeping talent is one of the major challenges in the coming years Read more

06 Feb 2013

The 10 myths of multichannel retailing debunked

Survey of over 11,000 online shoppers around the world demystifies their behaviour Read more

04 Feb 2013

Companies underestimate effort and impact of SEPA deadline

PwC SEPA Readiness Thermometer
With just one year to go before the deadline, PwC surveyed corporations across 22 countries in Europe about their organisations’ readiness to cope with the new SEPA requirements. Read more

29 Jan 2013

Institutional M&A investment share doubles in power & renewable sector

Contrasts in sector may revive deal flow in 2013. Read more

22 Jan 2013

CEO confidence in growth down

16th Annual Global CEO Survey
Increasing tax burden, over-regulation and the economy top concerns for Belgian CEOs Read more

14 Jan 2013

Strongest European IPO performance for five quarters may light the touchpaper on 2013 IPO markets

The value of IPOs in Europe increased by more than seven-fold year on year in the fourth quarter of 2012, making it the strongest performance since Q3 2011.70 IPOs raised €7.5bn in Q4 2012 compared with 78 IPOs raising €0.9bn in Q4 2011. Read more

04 Dec 2012

PwC Again Receives TMI Award for Innovation & Excellence

Top honour from Treasury Management International for 12th consecutive year Read more

04 Oct 2012

European IPO markets enjoy second wind after Olympics

In Q3 2012, PwC’s IPO Watch Europe survey reported 57 IPOs raising €4.4bn, compared with 81 IPOs raising €0.7bn in Q2 2012 and 121 IPOs raising €9.4bn in Q3 2011. Read more

27 Sep 2012

Tax planning of multinationals is legitimate but requires sufficient attention to be paid to substance

New book by Axel Smits and Isabel Verlinden provides multinational enterprises guidance on international tax planning and substance Read more

18 Jul 2012

USA on the way to 113 Olympic medals?

Available in French and Dutch only
Economic wealth and population of a country play a determining role in medals won at the Olympic Games Read more

04 Jul 2012

IPO markets return to the doldrums in the face of global growth uncertainty

A slew of IPOs worth well in excess of €8 billion were postponed or cancelled across the world’s stock exchanges last quarter, according to PwC’s capital markets experts. Read more

02 Jul 2012

Belgium is internationally renowned for its clinical studies: but does it get the recognition it deserves on its home territory?

Available in French and Dutch only
The Initiative to Promote Clinical Trials in Belgium*, on which various clinical research partners have joined forces (, BeAPP, BAPU and ACRP), has analysed the areas of conflict together with PwC and developed a strategic plan. Read more

28 Jun 2012

Five new Partners at PwC Belgium

Available in French and Dutch only
PwC appoints five new Partners as of July 1st, 2012 Read more

08 Jun 2012

Tax Freedom Day falls on 14 June this year

Tax Freedom Day (TFD), the symbolic day when the average Belgian taxpayer stops paying tax and starts working for himself, on the assumption that everything earned till then went straight to the Treasury, falls on 14 June this year. Read more

29 May 2012

PwC: Tax Freedom Day falls on 14 June this year

In its recent MarketScape reports, analyst firm IDC named PwC a “leader in Enterprise Architecture consulting services” and a “major player in Datacenter Transformation consulting services”. Read more

14 May 2012

Cooperation between PwC and Georges Leekens comes to an end

Following the news that Georges Leekens has resigned from his position as trainer of the Red Devils, the Belgian national football team, PwC has announced that the cooperation between them is coming to an end. Read more

24 Apr 2012

Power industry blackout risk alert on the rise

Even with new generating capacity plans, power industry executives expect blackout risks to rise in Europe and North America, as the industry confronts the challenge of energy affordability, efficiency, and energy security policies not meeting demands. Read more

17 Apr 2012

There is more to clinical research than meets the eye

Clinical research involves more than simply some investigative process that may help turn a medicine into a prescription or OTC health-saver. Read more

05 Apr 2012

IPO first quarter activity to kick start 2012 comeback

After a sustained period of market uncertainty and volatility, the initial public offerings (IPO) market is showing some signs of recovery after a number of high-profile deals completed in the first quarter of 2012. Read more

04 Apr 2012

Belgian real estate funds impacted by the AIFM Directive

Available in French and Dutch only
As a result of the sub-prime crisis and the loss of confidence that it triggered on the financial markets, investors have developed an increasing interest in ‘alternative’ investments, where transparency, control and security are applied rigorously. Read more

27 Mar 2012

Belgians most productive workers of Europe

Available in French and Dutch only
High labour costs undermine competitiveness of Belgium Read Read more

15 Mar 2012

PwC Belgium recognised as #1 employer among under 25s by Randstad

In 2012 PwC is proud to once again be among the top 10 most attractive employers in the private sector in Belgium. Read more

29 Feb 2012

The euro-crisis and uncertainty about debt finance put a freeze on the commercial property market

Brussels no ‘hotspot’ for real estate investors. Read more