PwC’s Global & Belgian Economic Crime Survey 2014

PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2014

It will surprise few to learn that economic crime - such as fraud, IP infringement, corruption and cybercrime - continues to be a major concern for organisations of all sizes, across all regions and virtually every sector.

The Global Economic Crime Survey 2014, the most extensive on the subject, finds that economic crime against businesses and other organisations continues to rise around the world. The survey, with over 5,000 respondents contributing from every corner of the world, gives you an insight into the global threats and what this means for Belgian companies.

Find out how many companies have been victims of broader economic crime as well as cybercrime where fraudsters turn to technology as their main crime tool.

Additional industry cuts of this thought leadership piece are now available. Each sector cut looks at the causes and effects of fraud, the most common types of economic crime within industries, and the impact fraud is having on business processes, reputation and integrity. Overall, findings reveal that economic crime is persistent and that organisations need to be vigilant and proactive when fighting fraud.

The sectors now available are as follows:

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