Asset Management 2020

The report explains that the way many asset managers operate in 2020 will be significantly different compared with today.

To help asset managers plan for the future, PwC has considered the likely changes in the asset management industry landscape over the coming years and identified key gamechangers which will impact the competitive environment. The paper first presents how the operating landscape for asset managers will change by 2020 and beyond. In the second part of this paper, we discuss how asset managers may prepare for the challenges these changes present and turn them into competitive advantages.

The asset management landscape in 2020

  • Huge rise in assets and shift in investor base
  • Pressures on the asset management industry.
  • Nothing to hide, nowhere to hide, and nothing at risk.

Gamechangers that will redefine the industry

  • Asset management moves centre-stage.
  • Distribution is redrawn – regional and global platforms dominate.
  • Fee models are transformed. Alternatives become more mainstream, passives are core and ETFs proliferate.
  • New breed of global managers emerges.
  • Asset management enters the 21st Century.