The Global State of Information Security Survey 2014

This year’s survey indicates that executives are elevating the importance of security. They are heeding the need to fund enhanced security activities and believe that they have substantially improved technology safeguards, processes, and strategies.

But while organisations have raised the bar on security, their adversaries have done even more. According to the survey,detected security incidents have increased by 25%compared to last year, while the average financial costs of incidents are up 18%.

Another finding of the survey is that many organisations have not deployed technologies that can help providing insight into ecosystem vulnerabilities and threats, identifying and protecting key assets, and help evaluating threats within the context of business objectives.

In addition, for many companies, security does not make fully part of the business strategy, one that is championed by the CEO and board, and adequately funded. So far, few organisations have kept pace with today’s growing risks—and fewer still are prepared to manage future threats.

The Global State of Information Security® Survey 2014 is a worldwide study by PwC, CIO magazine, and CSO magazine. The survey aims to measure and interpret how global organisations implement practices to combat today’s highly skilled adversaries.