PwC moves part of its legal services to a new law firm

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Brussels, 18 September 2013

Law Square: offering multidisciplinary legal services in close cooperation with PwC’s international network

Law Square is the independent law firm that, as of 1 October 2013, will be home to part of the legal services offered by PwC. Law Square’s Managing Partner will be Karin Winters, who together with a number of PwC people will be moving to the new law firm. Under this independent structure, which starts off with a complement of 13 lawyers, Law Square intends to provide client-oriented and above all workable solutions for the many business challenges that companies and organisations face at a legal level in today’s world. Law Square’s service offering is primarily directed towards assisting businesses and organisations with pragmatic, innovative, forward-looking legal advice that offers practicable ways forward that are aligned with the overall business strategy.

The service offering, which Law Square sees as an improved response to clients’ legal needs and wishes, is firmly anchored in the field of business law and covers areas such as company law, (re‑)structuring, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions, commercial and other contracts, intellectual property, privacy, banking and finance law. Other fields such as tax disputes and insolvency proceedings will be developed over time. Law Square is positioning itself as a full-service firm for businesses and organisations. “Companies wanting legal advice are above all looking for practical solutions that help their business move forward,” says Karin Winters, Managing Partner at Law Square. “It’s not always easy to delimit legal issues, and they frequently throw up a whole range of ancillary issues. With our multidisciplinary approach, we can analyse problems from a number of viewpoints and give our clients even better assistance. That way, they have a single point of contact where they know they’ll get the practicable solutions that create the right added value for their business.”

Axel Smits, Managing Partner Tax and Legal Services at PwC, adds: “By setting up an independent law firm, our lawyers in these areas will become members of the bar and can develop these legal services further while upholding the vision and values for which PwC is renowned: providing high-level services, quality and expertise, teamwork and long-term working relationships. PwC’s clients can call upon Law Square for help with legal matters if they wish, and Law Square’s clients will have easy access to the global network of PwC and PwC Legal, made up of roughly 2,000 business lawyers offering legal services in more than 80 countries worldwide.”

According to Karin Winters, establishing an independent law firm is also a significant benefit in terms of recruitment. “In our trade, it is essential to always be able to attract the best talent. As a law firm, we want to draw in both the experienced staff and new graduates necessary for developing our specific services. In every respect, Law Square is the perfect environment in which they can grow and develop their talent so as to be able to provide the best in legal services and build a fulfilling career for themselves.”

Law Square bcvba was set up on 2 September 2013, after presenting its articles of association to the chairman of the Dutch-speaking Brussels Bar, and will be fully operational as of 1 October 2013.